What shall I knit?

Well as you can see I am a newbie here.

I used to knit but havnt for a long time. I have got tons of wool which I have just purchased. I have loads of needle of different sizes. I even bought the Speed Stix and a Loopa :oops:

Now I can do the basic stuff in knitting nothing too fancy.

Now I have all the gear, a million patterns that I have downloaded off line.

What shall be my first project?

I did a scarf the other day just to see if I could still do it :happydance:

I look forward to any suggestions you have I just cant decide by myself.

Thanks in advance
Sharon xx :muah:

check out www.knittingpatterncentral.com for great inspiration and www.knitty.com just came out with their newest pattern selection this week!

My first project was a matching scarf and hat for a gift. Then I started making socks. I’m on my third pair now. I’ve also done some loom knitting and some machine knitting.

I’m getting ready to start casting on for my first cardigan for me. It’s Bristow from www.knitty.com and I have some cranberry yarn for it. Can’t wait to get started, but I need to finish these socks!

How about a few projects at the same time? Over here it’s very popular practice. Pick 3 types of your favorite yarns, then see what pattern you can find suitable for them in the links others sent, then start them one at a time. :happydance:

:waving: :waving: Welcome to KH. I second knittingpatterncentral and third Knitty. Also you can go to the patten section of this site and www.straw.com. There’s also www.lionbrand.com and www.modadea.com. Happy Knitting.

Nadja xxx

OH, yes, knittingpatterncentral has lots of patterns! Lots of people knit washcloths and dishcloths when starting as a way of trying different stitches.

Thanks everyone ok now I have it down to three things maybe I should start them all here goes

A shrug an easy one piece jobby
A poncho an easy one
A curly wurly scarf on circular needle.

Anyone done one of these recently which pattern did you use??

Thanks again I am so glad I joined this group.

Did I tell you I have 7 cats and one that comes here and thinks it owns the place although its not mine? :roll:

Does thisqualify as a curly wurly scarf? :slight_smile:
Hereis a very easy poncho

Wow that is beautiful…

but could I do it without messing it up???

It is lovely. The thing I am finding a problem is the difference in yarns between USA and UK. When it says use … we dont have it called that here and am not sure what to use.

Thanks I am going back to look again now its gorgeous.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon! What I do when I have trouble finding a corresponding yarn is to look at the original pattern to see what gauge of the recommended yarn is. Then, I try to find a corresponding yarn in the same gauge and I’ll knit a test swatch to see if I need to make adjustments with my needles to match what the gauge is in the pattern. I’m not an expert knitter or anything, but that process has worked every time for me that I’ve tried it (if this helps).

Why blushing face? :shrug: lol No need to be embarrased! everyone was a beginner once. :eyebrow: :slight_smile: I’d say a scarf! lol No really scarves are relatively fast, and easy. They are nice (especially for a beginner) because you don’t have to worry about shaping etc. You can just focus on improving your knit skills/ and/or practicing different stitches. :slight_smile: An aran pattern is nice for a beginner because it lets them practice/ learn different knit stitches and really have something/ a nice piece to show for it at the end! :wink: (you could make an aran scarf). Or you could just do a simple knit stitch scarf in a great colorful yarn. :slight_smile:

That wavy scarf is ADORABLE! :slight_smile: P.S. here is site/ blog with some cute / “curly” / and ruffled scarf patterns (if that’s also what you’re looking for):

(p.s. ignore the scarf she made for her boyfriend at this site! lol (not good for a man. :wink: ) how’d she get him to wear that??? :slight_smile: )


p.s.s. pppppp.sss. :wink: This scarf is easy too and cute:

You just knit three thinnish pieces (in different colors obviously) and then braid them together. :wink: :muah:

Hi Sharon! :waving:

I loved making dishcloths when I was starting out. I used them as Christmas gifts, with a bar of nice soap.

TONS of dishcloth patterns here: http://www.jimsyldesign.com/~dishbout/kpatterns/javaindex.html

Here are some FAQ for New Knitters:

And here is a knitting needle conversion chart for US and UK needles:

First I want to say a big thanks to you all. I only joined yesterday and you have all been so helpful and kind.

I love the braided scarf the three panels wow its gorgeous and easy :teehee:

I have started a curly wurly on my circular needle in eyelash its quite hard to knit. The needles are bamboo the wool seems to stick. There are so many stiches 150 cast on increase in every stitch 3 times through the scarf.
Is it me the wool or the needles?

BTW I managed the hanks of wool I put them on the handle of my back door and unwound into a ball. Not sure I will ever buy another hank well I might if its extra special :teehee:
I have loved reading some of the posts on here some are so funny this is a great site.
Thanks everyone :hug:

oooh don’t give up on hanks! once you find a way to unwind them it isn’t so bad really. And you can always put a yarn swift on your holiday list!! :thumbsup: all of my favorite yarns come in hanks and they are just so pretty to look at…lol

as far as the problem you are having…it is probably a combination of the things you mentioned. Bamboo is great, especially for beginners, because they aren’t so slippery that the yarn comes off the needles too easily. and the eyelash stuff doesn’t move that well either…PLUS that pattern as easy as it is, is not easy with three increases in each stitch but it is sooo cool seeing the magic happen when you start binding off.

I love my bamboo needles but i don’t use them much anymore unless my yarn is too slippery…they just slow me down and i don’t need help with that!..lol

Thanks for that you made me feel better. I will finish this hopefully today :pray:

Next time like you say I will use slippery wool.

You are right about the hanks they looked soooooo beautiful I actually hugged them (do you think I need help from a doctor :oops: ).

I will definately put one of those errrr thingys on my xmas list.

Thanks for your help and advice.

Nice to meet you.

:hug: Sharon
Who loves the site :cheering:

It’s also good for beginners to start with a smooth yarn so that they can get the hang of what’s happening; eyelash yarns have a tendency to make the individual stitches difficult to see.

One thing I really enjoy is combining an eyelash with a smooth. You get the fun texture of the novelty yarn but maintain a better degree of stitch definition. Plus you use a larger needle size and the project knits up quicker (or may need fewer stitches or rows, depending on the desired size).

Glad you are enjoying the forum! :waving:

If you need a doctor for hugging yarn, then we need to open up a HOSPITAL for ALL of us!!! WE ALL LOVE YARN!!!