What Ply is DK Wool?

I have a pattern for which the wool has been discontinued but looking on other sites it says you can use DK as 10 ply (in other words they are the same? Patern uses sizes 6 and 8 needles if that’s any help. Thanks:)

Dk is usually referred to as 8 ply, worsted is 10 ply, so you could probably use either one even though dk is slightly thinner. Though there’s often not a lot of difference between some worsteds and some dks.

Thanksfor your reply Susieeq…living in Turkey its difficult to get the proper wool (dont think they have worsted here)…or at least I wouldn’t know how to ask for it!

Will try DK instead;)

They may not have ‘names’ for the different weights, but maybe you can ask or look for a yarn that would be knit on 4 or 5 mm needles, or 4.5mm.