What pattern for this yarn?

I bought a couple of balls ofSo Crafty baby yarn and need some ideas of what to do with it!

Need more info-

Brand and name of yarn, tension/gauge info and yardage on label Is it actually wool? In the US wool is what comes from sheep and yarn is a general term. What is the fiber? All this makes a difference to determine what project would work and if you have enough yarn.

Name is So Crafty, baby yarn, I can’t see a gauge or needle size on the band but a quick look on google found this:
It is 100g, approx 95m
Is a super bulky wool- category 6.

Does it say DK somewhere? You mentioned DK is why I asked. Strangely they don’t have this one on Ravelry. So… if each one is 95 meters you have a little over 200 yds to work with. That particular yarn type won’t show stitches easily so you might want to stick to stockinette or garter stitch. I’m assuming you want something for a baby?

No, hence being stuck, I just liked the feel of the wool. It’s not DK, I got mixed up, sorry for confusion.

Oh okay. It looks like acrylic or some sort of synthetic yarn. Wool is from a sheep. Anyhoo… okay so not for baby.

I think you have enough for a cowl, hat or maybe mitts. This page is filtered for bulky/super bulky, 200-300 yds and free. Once you get an idea you ask more info.

Yes, it’s polyester, sorry I should get used to saying yarn really shouldn’t I! Am going with these, wish me luck! Oh, and on further inspection it says 8mm needles on the ball band, and I have 4 balls. Might do a headband/scarf/mitten set thinking about it :slight_smile:

8mm needles are a US 11 and four skeins = appx 380 yds. With that needle size listed on the skein it means this yarn is probably super bulky. The mitts you linked to require a 5mm needle and bulky yarn. I’m not sure it’ll work out, but you can try.

We sure that’s wool? It looks like velour! I would use that for a blanket, and not much else :slight_smile:

@WhampusKitty I did actually state in a previous post that it was polyester, also if it’s not your bag then that’s cool but obviously if I had wanted to do a blanket then I wouldn’t be asking for patterns, not the most helpful of posts…

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Sorry! I didn’t see your previous post! I only saw the post I REPLIED to- you didn’t mean to be so rude! I was trying to help, after all

@WhampusKitty my apologies, I was unwell and unnecessarily crabby but you’re right, I was rude - I’m sorry.

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I bought some of this the pattern for a blanket is on the back of the wool label