What now?

I have more instructions to decifer! This one is “Working both sides at once, bind off 3 sts from each neck edge once”. What does that mean? :shrug:

It sounds like you are just starting the neck shaping where you will be working left and right fronts seperately for the remainder of the front. When it says ‘work both sides at the same time’, it just means that you will have two balls of yarn, one for the left front and one for the right front and you will be alternating between those two balls, working both sides of the sweater at the same time on the same needles. When it says to decrease 3 sts at each neck edge once, you will likely need to do something like this: work across left front stitches (left front, as worn…in other words, the beginning of a right side row) to where the neck splits, switch to the other ball of yarn for the right front stitches, bind off 3 stitches, work to the end of the row. Turn your work, work across to the neck edge, switch to the ball of yarn for your left front stitches, bind off 3 stitches, complete the row. You have to do it this way because you cannot bind off stitches at the END of a row, it has to be at the beginning of a row.

Post back if you need more help.