What Next?

I just finished my very first pair of socks. (Posted pics in What’cha Knittin’) Now it’s time to decide what the next project is going to be. I really enjoyed the socks, so I am leaning towards knitting another pair. They’re pretty fun.

I’m also thinking about maybe a hat.

But then, I want to try my hand at cabling so am also thinking about something like the Irish Hiking Scarf.


Decisions, decisions

ahhhh yes…lots of fun things to decide to try eh? :slight_smile:

off to find your socks!!!

This is precisely why so many of us have so many projects on the needles at once. We see something we have to start, then something else, and something else. . . .

You could cable some socks! Or make a pair of driving gloves with cables (and fingers are optional)

Oh sure, throw some more ideas at me :rofl:

Ingrid, I’m trying to avoid getting into the “start syndrome” of starting projects and never finishing them. It’s just my nature, I prefer to start something and stick with it until it’s completed.

That reminds me, I really need to finish that scarf I set aside to do the socks. :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl:

Everything eventually gets finished but it’s nice to be able to switch back and forth sometimes, especially when you’re working on something big like a sweater. Hmmm. . .socks as your second project, hows about a sweater for your third? Are there any little kids you can knit for? That’s the best way to learn sweaters.

You could always try a cable hat.

How 'bout this:
[color=blue]Irish Walking Hat[/color]

If you scroll down a bit for the pattern and then read the comments, the person who made the hat used a ML

Could be right up your alley!


No kids to knit for. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle something as complicated as a sweater yet.

Susan, I do like the look of that hat. It’s a possibility.

Lots of people think socks are pretty complicated… and you did them as your second project! My first was a scarf, and second was a sweater, I think you are more than capable of this [size=2](and you do too, you know it!!).[/size]

However, i think you should knit a steering wheel cover for your manly truck! :teehee:


The socks really didn’t seem all that complicated to me. I’ve looked at a few sweater patterns; that’s complicated and way over my head right now.

I don’t think I wanna cover up my custom steering wheel. :rofl:

Well…re: the sweater…I knit my first one 3 mos after I started knitting! Not as hard as you’d think! The gauge is the biggest bugger. :wink:

The Irish Hiking Scarf or a cabled hat would be perfect!

Thanks Jan. I’m really leaning towards either another pair of socks or a cabled hat. I need to look at my small stash of cheap yarn and decide.

I know I have two skeins of a nice blue Chenille Thick and Quick that I would like to turn into something. I wonder how that would be for a hat?

I have one skein of Homespun in a sort of light brownish kinda color I though might make a decent scarf.

And I have 4 skeins of sport weight cotton yarn I plan to use for socks.

I can’t decide. I’m tempted to give the cotton yarn a go, but feel like maybe I need to work with the worsted a bit more before trying smaller stuff.

Geez, I never have this much trouble making decisions.

Mason–it’d require a hefty book purchase, but if you want to try cables–take a look at the link in my sig (for the reversible cable scarf). That book has cabled hats, scarves, pillows, afghans, sweaters and more. I can’t say enough good things about that book! The other good thing about it is it’s clearly written and has a great section on chart reading which is super handy. I was so scared of charts and I now find they aren’t at all scary!!! When I read through the chart section of this book I’m always thinking, “Man, I wish I’d had this when I started reading charts!” It’s too bad you aren’t close by, I’d just loan you my book!!

ha ha i agree and i had about 10 projects on hand right now and it collecting dust … oh boy how to break this cycle of keep starting new project for never ever finish it ??

Guilty!!! I;m working on an entrelac scarf, but then I checked out Scarf Style to look at the pattern for Lady E, and found 2 more patterns I want to try (one’s on the needles), and I’m going to do the magknits convertible mittens with match yarn, plus I started the Anthropologie inspired capelet for when it gets a little warmer, to wear over tshirts and there’s about 3 other things on the needles too. Or maybe more…


By Jove, I think he’s got it!!


By Jove, I think he’s got it!!


I started the New year out saying I would only have one main project on the needle and then do dishrags for the times I can’t work on it… umm it didn’t last long… you can’t fight it… just buy more needles…

I made my dad the Irish Hiking Scarf and it was really easy to knit and was my first cable project… I did get bored with it once I figured out hey cables are not hard… so a hat would be faster and if you easily get bored by the time you are you would be done… sweaters are not hard either… I did my first shortly after I started… :cheering:

I did a regular cabled hat and it was a lot easier than i thought. 2 birds with 1 stone :teehee: Like dustinac was saying if you do the cabled hat you’ll probably be done with it before you start to say things to yourself like…Oh gosh when is it going to end!!!..or… be done NOW, be doooonnne NOW after every row… or…ok shoot me shoot me now!!!.. :roflhard: ok maybe that was just funny to me but i totally got like that when i made my sister’s cabled hatscarf (a really long hat [color=red]HERE[/color] ) If you can do a pair of perfect socks (which are awesome by the way :woohoo: ) you can totally do a cabled hat.

The pattern I used for my husband’s cabled hat worked together really amazing. It is listed as one of the hardest ones in the book, but if you are willing to take your time and read the pattern and trust it you will be amazed.

I am willing to type it in for you and PM it to you. The directions said that it would fit a diameter up to 28" with a certain amount of ribbing. My DH has a 24 1/2 inch head, and it fits him well.