What needles

Ive just recently got back into knitting. After self teaching myself to crochet which Ive been doing for the past 6 years, Ive finally come to the conclusion that maybe I should dip back into knitting. The patterns are just not as vast for one. Plus there are some really cute patterns (start of new ravelery queue :grinning:)

Anyway I went to my LYS and invested in a Knitters Pride Cubics fixed circs 4mm and 4.5mm to get going again. I kind of like them. I’m looking for the ever elusive perfect needle. Yes, yes I know it’s all about preference and I’ve read ALOT of threads on peoples preferences. Having my go to crochet hooks I’m looking for a needle go to set. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the wood because its not too slick, and my fear with metal is that the stitches will slide. Im not very fast lol but the memories are coming back from some 30 some years ago. Oddly enough Ive tried teaching myself quicker methods (I’m a thrower and keep wanting to revert back to that).

I’m thinking about the Knitters Pride Dreamz, Knitters Pride Royale, Knitters Pride Melodies of Life or the Knit Picks Square interchangeable set. Preferably something with a longer tapered tip. Any thoughts on either of these?

I have a set of the Dreamz interchangeables. Love them. (But I do think I remember that someone else here hates them. :slight_smile:)

Actually never tried anything else after I got them, so I don’t have a lot to compare with. (Bought mine from Webs (yarn.com) and the service when things have broken has been great. I had one cable tip break off, but I’m tough on the cables.) I do have some fixed circs in other brands, but the Dreamz were a great choice for me.

Would your LYS let you sit and try them out? Or do you have knitting friends who would let you try theirs?

No knitting friends per se. and my LYS doesn’t stock them. She only has knit picks (not the square), Knitters Pride Cubics and Chiagoo. What are the length of the tapered end like? Are they long/short? Why do you like using them?

Not sure how to define the taper length. It’s the same as the fixed circs I have in two other brands, so I guess just average. The tips are the standard 4.5" length, although bigger than size 11 come in 5" lengths. There are also special ones that come in a shorter length (4" maybe) for use with smaller items, but only up to size 10.

I guess I just like that they work well with the way I knit. (Continental and fairly quickly compared to everyone else in my knitting group.) Plain bamboo tends to be a little too sticky, metal a little too slick. The birch wood just falls in the middle and works well with all the various types of fibers I’ve used. I only wanted to invest (and take care of!) one set, and this one covers all my needs.

I’m a new knitter also. I have bought a lot of different circular needles, trying to find the right fit. I enjoy Clover bamboo circular needles from JoAnns but I really enjoy my Knitters Pride interchangeable needles. If bought individually they will run you about the same as the Clover $9.99 ans their cables run close to $4.00, they also have wooden ones but not sure of the cost of them. My dream ones are Knitters Prides carbon set that runs close to $120.