What movie is this?

So, I don’t have many clues. It’s not a new release, but I apparantly saw it about a year ago.

This guy is dating an older woman. The ladies ex-husband, who has a kid with the woman, gets jealous of this and comes to her house. The ex-husband wants to talk to someone but is acting very violent and ends up shooting and killing the guy. The rest of the movie is about the family grieving. At the end of the movie the guy’s dad kills the ex-husband.

That sounds alot like Unfaithful, which stars Richard Gere but that is really old… mmmm…

Any idea of who is in the movie? You can IMDB search their current films.

The boyfriend says it’s not unfaithful. He recognizes the actors in his head, but can’t come up with their names.

I’ve never seen it, but I did a search based on what you said. Is it this: “In the Bedroom” ? http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/237127/In-the-Bedroom/overview

That’s it! Thanks so much!

Haha I didn’t think it would be Unfaithful since it came out in '02, plus the husband doesn’t get killed at the end. haha… and turns out the movie it is came out in '01.

Glad you got a quick response. Gotta love this community. :smiley: