What level of knitter am I?

Is there a quiz that they have to let me know what level I’m at? I had someone at work ask me to make her some baby booties and I’d love to. But I think it may be way over my head. :thinking:

I dont believe in “levels”. If you can follow a pattern, then you can knit it. AND, with all the human/video support here, PLUS the “abbreviations explained” tab up there in the righthand corner, you should be good to go!

PS…THESE baby booties were some of the first things I ever knit…I had only been knitting 2 months.

I don’t think labels are appropriate, either. All you need to be able to do is follow directions and be willing to jump in!

I say Go For It!! I still consider myself a beginner even though I’ve been at if for almost a year now. I’ve made only scarfs, hats, and a bag. However, I just finished up my first pair of booties - shaped like duck feet at that. The pattern that I was using also had many mistakes in it. But, I just went step by step with the instructions, messed up several times, but kept at it. In the end I had a super cute pair of booties! I think now after doing that I am more prepared to start something bigger, like socks!

Have no fear and just start :XX: !! You can do it!

I would say go for it! :thumbsup:

Well it may be over your head… but here’s what I’ve learned… while learning things in my life…

“If you don’t do something over your head, you’ll never learn”

Basically this means… push yourself… of course… the FIRST time it will be a disaster… it usually is… that’s learning… :slight_smile: GO FOR IT!!.. take the leap… if you never push yourself … you’ll never learn…

This is why I know 14 computer languages, knitting, 3 languages, electronics hardware, sewing, cross stich AND … my kids :slight_smile:

laughs That may not have been helpfull… but I’ve found that if you push yourself, it will definately help you in the long run…

Course that never helped my spelling :slight_smile:

You can do it!! :thumbsup:

Kelly- is that a pic of the nebb? It’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

Yes, that is the NEBB. :lol: I was VERY happy with the result, but it was just going ON and ON and ON and ON and ON…I need something to keep me interested, ya know?

I know what you mean. I really liked doing the first one I made, but I have not knitted any more on the second one. Its sitting in a corner by its lonesome self while I am knitting on other projects. I just don’t want to start on it now…I like the projects I’m doing now, they are much more interesting! :smiley:

What’s a Nebb?

Adorable baby stuff, Kelly!

It’s a never ending baby blanket. Kelly nicknamed it that because of the boring pattern design. The way it knits up makes it seem like it is never ending. You can see the pattern…Click on the baby blanket link in my sig. :smiley:

:roflhard: Yeah, I know that one! I haven’t done a baby blanket, just the dishcloths, but I can see how it would seem like it lasts forever! It would be quick for a last minute thing though. :wink:

Technically we’re all beginners. I mean there’s something we have never tried before, right? I say go for it. Do you think we would LET you fail? :XX: :cheering: