What kind of "summer yarn" to use?

Hi everyone…I still want to knit in the “summer months”…What kind of yarn do you use in the warmer weather??? Any suggestions will work!!! Thanks alot…:hug: Besides CottonEase by LB

I love my socks made out of Tofutsies. I find the yarn a little splitty while knitting but these are the most comfty summer socks ever! :heart:

I should think any light cotton would be nice…or hemp…or bamboo…

My favorite summer yarn is King Tut cotton. LOVE it and I have it many colors.

I also like to use bamboo and Misti pima-silk.

I think bamboo would be good for summer. Knitpicks has a cotton/linen blend that looks very nice.

Well, I figured “cotton”, the only “cotton” I tried was “CottonEase” and It didn’t agree with me!! (Or vice versa) what other “cottons” are out there…

TLC Cotton Plus is a great, medium weight!

I’m using Comfy by Knit Picks right now to make an afghan. It’s soft and really affordable. Another cotton I’ve used is the Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton for a baby blanket I made as a gift. That was nice to work with too. Those 2 are pretty much the only cottons I’ve ever used. I’m mostly a wool kinda gal, but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents :wink:

I am currently knitting with Plymouth wildflower DK its a 51% Cotton 49% acrylic
plusses nice give, easy care, good colors
minus a little splitty

I am going to pick up some Lily Peaches & Cream cotton to make a mesh bag for my daughter but as of yet haven’t tried it

Right now, Knit Picks is having a special where you can purchase a sampling of their cotton yarns to fool around with for under $20.00. Each comes with enough yarn for four or five small projects.

Unfortunately,I can’t send you the link, but if you go to
www.knitpicks.com I think you’ll see the offering.

Cotton yarns and I don’t get along, but theirs are a bit better quality, IMHO. My friend, who is allergic to wool, loves them, and they are nice to the touch.


Hi everyone!,

I think the best cotton for summer time is Pima, you have to try a lightweight pima cotton t-shirt. It is so cool and comfy!
I found a company that offer them in low quantities, I will order 50 to start my own tee brand!:
they are in Peru, where I am living right now.
I read several articles and peruvian pima cotton is the best around the world.

JP :stuck_out_tongue: