What kind of knitting bag do you carry?

If this has been tossed around before, please forgive me. What kind knitting bag do you carry? I’ve checked out Jordana Paige and before I purchase one, I’d like to compare. Thanks!

I have a tapestry tote bag that I picked up several years ago for about $5. It’s worked really well for me. It has external pockets for patterns, needles, stitch markers and the like and plenty of room inside for YARNZ. :slight_smile:

i have a bag i got from kmart for about $15.it has one large main area with a zipper, and little pockets inside, perfect for pencils and do-dads, and 3 outside pockets which work well for my “purse” items (phone, keys, diapers). lots of room, and very comfortable to carry.

Here’s what my in-laws got me for Christmas. It’s a Vera Bradley. It’s not exactly my pattern but close.

I really like it because I can just throw everything in it without a problem.

oh my…lol.

Every bag i carry is also my purse so it has to be big enough to carry my knitting and everything i need for the day in it. I CURRENTLY am carrying a pink and purple cammo backpack that i got for the Stitch n Pitch. Knitting stuff goes in the big pocket and everything else in the other one.

I have the Jordana Paige messenger bag (the pink one of course…lol) and i loved using it… i am a little over it now, and it is definitely worn out!

I also have a silk embroidered lantern moon bag. Beautiful but just not big enough these days.

hrmm… ooh and I have a green mountain knitting bag. Lime green with raspberry dots… loverly

plus about 100 purses i think :wink:

I have a plain old canvas tote in navy and tan, from wally-world. I think it was on clearance for $4.

I like my KP bags.

Last August, when all the back to school stuff was out… I checked out the back packs. I watched them… then… found a denim messenger type bag… I fell in love with it.

It has extra pockets, cleanable, (washing machine, gentle), zipper pockets, and lots of room for yarn.

I love it.

it cost…$9.95…

doublereeder, I’m dumb–what’s KP? Thanks for your help.

This is my main knitting bag http://store.knitting-warehouse.com/073633.html

I also have an olive green military messenger bag I use for carrying smaller projects when I don’t want to take the whole thing. The big bag usually stays in the truck unless I’m in a hotel or at home.

I have a huge black zippered bag with lots of compartments from Harriet Carter It’s big enough to hold 2 sweaters in progress, or an afghan. I took it to the hospital when I stayed with my grandmother and I used it for a suitcase. I could fit about 5 days worth of clothes into it.

i have a tan namaste knitting binder and a drawstring knitalong bag. The namaste bag has two pouches, 2 knitting needle holders, i put my patterns in plastic cover that go where the binder clasps are. It keeps them from getting crumpled like they usually would in a knitting bag. Then the drawstring holds my project when its too big to fit in my namaste bag!

i use a blue nylon ninewest bag that i got on clearance for less than $20. i love it. it has a large zippered compartment in the middle, a thinner one in the back perfect for patterns, and a snapping front compartment with tho pockets that are perfect for a cell phone, needle (um, those things you put on the end of your needles when you’re not knitting to keep your stitches from falling off - all of a sudden i can’t for the life of me remember what they’re called! :wall:), stitch/row counters, and all the other little stuff you need. the middle compartment has some pockets, too. before i got it i just used all those free bags you get as part of your “gift with purchase” at the make-up counters in department stores. what i like about those is most of them come with smaller bags that are perfect for your knitting accessories.

my daughter was a mary kay rep… she gave me a tote with an inside pocket I can fit my project, clear zippered pouch for tools :slight_smile: etc :blooby:

No, you are not dumb.
KP is KnitPicks. You can see the bags here.


I just use my National Geographic tote bag…it’s roomy enough to carry a bunch of stuff but it’s pretty low on pockets. These bags you guys are using are awesome!!! :happydancing:

i have the large kip’er bag from kp, like doublereeder was talking about, and now, the small one. i’m loving both of them. i haven’t tried it yet, but i think there’s a way i can buckle the small bag to the outside of the larger bag. maybe i’ll use the small one as my purse. hmmmmmm.

I use the monk’s travel satchel for my main knitting bag, and I’ve got the large KIP’er bag from KnitPicks for other projects.

Currently I use what ever handbag I am taking with me (they’re all fairly large, but only really big enough to carry a sock-pair or a small project. My MIL bought me a carry all tote from the Northern Territory, which is big enough for an almost finished sweater or afghan project.

However… I am just waiting delivery on my JP Satchel… WOO!

when I want to carry around a larger project, I use my Namaste Messenger bag (the rose color) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! When I want to carry just a pair of socks or something small, I use my bigger booga that I made. (first pic HERE