What is your preferred washing method?

I’d like to invest in a steamer sometime for blocking, and I’ve heard that kind of cleans the items too.

Recently though, I’ve come across these sheets you’re supposed to just stick in the dryer with your unwashed dry-clean only clothes.I’ve also seen this Wool Wash stuff you use wet in the sink and lay out to dry.

I’m assuming all of you have at some point needed to wash something,so what’s your method?What would you recommend? I’ve never really knit anything that needed washing as all of it has been light wear stuff that will never really get dirty.

When I wash my wool sweaters, I put some wool wash liquid in the washing machine and fill it up with warm water. I put it on the delicate/knits cycle which only agitates for a short time, BUT I don’t let my wool sweaters agitate.

I let the machine agitate to mix in the soap, put my sweaters in and let them soak, pushing them out with my hands a bit. I switch the machine to the delicate spin, let the sweaters spin, then let it fill for rinse, soak and let spin.

Lay flat to dry.

Works for me.

If something is acrylic, superwash, cotton, nylon, etc. follow the label directions for drying, but I’ve had good luck with the soak and spin for everything.

Steaming doesn’t clean but it does freshen. It’s actually hot enough that I think if you had a stain it would get set.

I use a washing machine. Mine not only has a delicate but a handwash cycle.
I save up my wool items and use that now that I have enough to bother with the machine.
But most of my knitwear is acrylic so I just throw it in with everything else on the super clean cycle.

The real pain is a wool handwash huge blanket. I can only wash that once a year because the only place to lay it out to dry is the picnic table.