What is your favorite way to make nice edge stitches?

I am a pretty new knitter and have some issues with my edges looking nice. I have read several ways to make them nicer, but I want to know how you do it. Which way is your favorite (or that you think looks best)? Thanks for all of you help:waving:

Most people will tell you to slip the first stitch every row. I do that and my stitches are looser and messier than just working them. I knit or purl the first stitch (according to pattern) then give a little pull on the yarn which also pulls up any slack in the stitch below. Then knit/purl the next couple stitches a bit tighter and they look fine.

Sometimes just knitting works fine, but on some things I slip the first stitch as if to purl with the yarn in back and knit the last stitch.

My edge stitches were still ending up loose and messy this way, and someone somewhere suggested knitting that last stitch in the back loop instead of just knitting it. This seems to work a lot better for me, and turns out looking just as good.

By the way, I’ve found that it doesn’t make any different which end of the row you slip and which you knit: as long as you’re consistent throughout the piece it looks the same.

I will have to do some fiddling around and try some of the different things. Thank you for the advice.

Yep, I’ve had better luck with slipping the last stitch of every row than slipping the first one.

I rarely use a chain stitch selvage.

[B]1[/B]–learn how to snug up first stitch to have even neat stitches on every edge (use chain because you want too, not need to)

[B]2[/B]–I-cord edging

[B]3[/B]–simple double knit edging ( see Anne Modesitts Leaf scarf in Scarf Style… Excellent use of simple double knitting as edge/selvage!)

[B]4[/B]–Cables (cable make great edge stitches)

[B]5[/B]-- other selvage stitches (YO/K2tog ) is an interesting selvage, a bit like a picot, and very nice on a scarf or other garment that is not seamed

[B]6-[/B]Hems (or for side edges, facings). Knit separately and sewn on, or knit in place

[B]7[/B]–See Nicky Epstein’s books:
[U][B]Knitting On the Edge[/B][/U]
[U][B]Knitting Over the Edge
Knitting Beyond the Edge

[/B][/U]Over 1000 ideas(over 350 ideas per book) --and when bought at full price (WHY?) still under $100–(or less than 10 cents per idea)

These books are easy to find discounted (or at chain stores like Michaels/ACMoore/Etc that offer 25 to 40 (sometimes 50!) percent off coupons. Meaning 1000 ideas/patterns for way less than 10 cents per pattern! What a bargain–they would be cheap at twice the price.

([B]note[/B]: i just this week made some face/wash cloths --1 each with an i-cord edging (all 4 sides–i cord cast on, i cord edge, i cord bind off) and one with a simple double knit edge (k1, sl1, (repeat))

you can see them on my blog.)