What is your favorite sock technique?

How do you like to knit your socks?

  1. 4 dpn’s
  2. 5 dpn’s
  3. 2 circulars
  4. 1 magic loop


  1. Toe up
  2. Cuff down

Toe up magic loop two socks at once all the way! You never run out of yarn for sock nr2, you never finish one sock and not the other and you have no laddering problems (I get ladders with DPNs no matter what I do).

I love knitting on 4 dpn’s. It confuses people :slight_smile: However, I am going to learn how to do 2 at once on 2 circs, just because I was watching a friend do it recently and loved how fast it went. Oh and I do cuff down. Just because that’s the way I learned to knit socks. I could probably handle toe up, but I just do them this way anyway.

I have knitted one pair of socks for myself and now my husband wants a pair. I made one for him and it didn’t fit. Was too big in the heel area… how did you make socks to fit. any suggestions would be greatfully accepted.:knitting:

I’m not going to do the poll yet. I have knitted a few pairs of socks on 4 DPNs, but I’m taking a sock class starting this week to use 2 circs. I’ll see which one I like best. :wink:

Reetz - there is a book called Sensational Knitted Socks that addresses that issue as well as others. It’s pretty easy to fix.

I knit cuff down on 5 DPNs. I tried toe up, but I did not like the way it looked as much.

Toe up, on 2 circular needles. It’s the most comfortable for me, and also faster (for me.)

I’ve tried toe-up on two circs, but I prefer cuff-down on four DPNs. There’s just something about the danger of poking yourself in the eye that thrills me.:twisted: