What is your favorite fiber to knit with?

So, what is your favorite fiber (or fiber combo) to knit with?

And, why?

Just curious. I’m still too new to all of this to have a strong opinion. But, I’m starting to detest working with 100% cotton and I hope I don’t have any projects for a while that involve this!

I haven’t used them all, but so far alpaca and merino wool. Alpaca is so, so soft, and merino is soft yet springy. Leave it to me to have expensive taste. :rollseyes:

I adore Alpaca - t’s my favorite to spin and knit. I love merino as well, and wool in general.

Another merino and alpaca fan. I also love other breeds of wool, like Blue-Faced Leicester, Targhee, and Rambouillet. But I am all about the animal fibers – I cringe at the thought of knitting with 100% cotton!

P.S. Note siggie. Wool is my favorite thing. :wink:

I have found cotton to be difficult to work with, since it doesn’t have the “give” that other fibers do. I’m knitting a cotton baby blanket at the moment, and I can’t wait to be done! It looks great, but is hard on the hands when knitting it. I find 100% acrylic yucky, but mix a little wool in there, and I’m fine. Give me some angora or alpaca, and I’ll try not to drool on it! :wink:

I mostly knit with acrylic blends, I really like wool acrylic mix (Patons Decor is my favorite). I’m not even going to tempt myself with the expensive stuff because I don’t know if I could go back to what I can afford! I’m happy in my ignorance right now!

And cotton, my first experience with cotton wasn’t good either but I’ve since grown to really like it. When I first knitted with cotton, I used wooden needles and I think that was part of the problem. Cotton and metal needles is so much better, and cotton makes such soft items.

I haven’t tried very many and was so excited when my LYS got alpaca in thats my favorite… I haven’t tried merino though I don’t think they have any… :thinking:

I adore merino wool…and alpaca, of course! A few monts ago I did a project with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (80% alpaca, 20% silk, I think) and it was sooooooo soft and wonderful. :inlove: I think it was the most wonderful yarn I’ve knit with to date.

Another merino & alpaca here! I just finished a shawl in a merino/alpaca/silk blend & it was heavenly.

oh i love that yarn!

baby alpaca for me. the only merino ive worked with is the cashmerino, which is scrumptious. im sure if i were exceedinly wealthy i would love cashmere. i go and touch it every time im at the LYS

I’m a merino fan too…I love to touch alpaca but I’ve never knitted with it…it’s on my to-do list…just haven’t found the right pattern yet…

I like cotton but only for the right pattern…I’ve used it for a few baby items.

I’m so new to knitting that my favorite is whatever I use that behaves well for a newbie. I’m beginning to find that anything with wool is going to make me happy and I dearly want to try the Musk Ox sneeze yarn. Oh and Heirloom Breeze too and…

I join the alpace & merino chorus :smiley:

I am yet another who loves both merino wool and Alpaca :inlove: . I am also madly in love with Brown Sheep’s cotton fleece yarn. it’s a cotton/merino wool blend.

I just did a baby sweater in Scheepjes Alpine. It felt so lovely to work with and the finished product is beautiful. I bought more to make another baby sweater for my lys to sell. :XX: I also made those sandal socks in the Regia Stretch, and it was cool yarn! samm

I haven’t knitted enough to know what I really like, but I sure know what I don’t!!! :roflhard: The only project I had that seemed to knit itself was my HBC Booger {the second}. When it comes to crocheting, my favourite thread is DMC Cebelia… one day I hope to be able to knit with it too!!!

I think merino, and bamboo. I haven’t knit much with silk, but I have a feeling that would be high on my “yummy yarn” list as well.

:smiley: I forgot about bambool…I love to knit with both bamboo & soy :thumbsup: