What is "Work as for back" mean?

Hi guys,
I am knitting a bikini ! …and I am not understanding the term: 'Work as for back.’ This is how the whole pattern for the top reads:

Work as for back to **. Work 10 rows st st. Inc at each end of next and alt rows until there are 53 sts. Work 1 row. Cast on 18 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 89 sts. Work as for back from *** to ***.[b

I do not understand the bit about ‘as for back to **.’ what is the ** referring to? And what does ‘as for back to’ mean? And ‘Inc at each end of next and alt rows.’ does this mean increase the last stich of every other row? The whole thing is pretty much confusing. Any help out there?
Thank you, really.


If you look in the instructions under the section for the back, it will have ** after some of the instructions. So what you want to do is start at the beginning of theback instructions until you get to the **, and then continue with the other instructions.


And yes, you will be increasing at each end of the next row and every other row after than until you have 53 stitches.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the help, I still do not understand increasing at each end of the next row. What is “the next row”? Do you just increase only on the knit stitches, purl it back and then increase again when you knit?
That sounds redundant to me: inc at each end of next row and every other row. Isn’t every other row the next row too?
Thanks again for the help!

‘The next row’ is just that: when you have knit the rows up until that instruction, you would knit ‘the next row’ and increase on each end. Then you would knit (or purl if you are stocking stitch) the next row, and finally you would knit and increase on the next row. Repeat until you have 53 stitches.

Putting it another way:

R 1-10 stocking stitch
R11 K across, increasing beginning and end of row
R12 P across
Rep R11 and 12 until you have 53 stitches on the needle.
Then you would work 1 row without doing anything; just knit across.
Then you would cast on (either knit or cable) 18 stitches and knit across all the stitches on the needle. Turn work, and cast on another 18 stitches and knit across all the stitches on the needle.

Take a deep breath and pray :teehee: ! Count all your stitches and make sure you have 89.

Come back and let us know how it is coming!

Hello and thank you for your responses! Much help in understanding the language of knitting!
For the top, I ended up free-handing the pattern in a suede fabric and it came out wonderful! It fits and has a great look to it. I am on the search for cotton elastic yarn to do the real suit with (the one I can actually wear in the water). I intend on working a flower stitch into the top and bottoms and hope that I can! Any input is welcome! And again, thanks for your helps!