WHAT is up with this reverse stockinette stitch anyhow?

I dunno. Do you really like it? I’ve been thinking of making this sweater, finally found the yarn ON SALE! and I got one skein to try a swatch… It’s a $80 investment but, WHY reverse stockinette anyway? I mean, why not just do garter?

And well, does anyone like it? Have you made stuff out of it? I think reg stockinette (esp with this gorgeous yarn) is prettier.

somebody enlighten me :shock:

I agree with you. I don’t understand why reverse when you can just knit it regular? Maybe someone can tell us the difference in the stitches…if there is any.:wall:

I think stockinette is much prettier, and you don’t have to worry so much about different stitches giving different gauges, just turn it inside out :happydance:

Yep, I prefer stockinette, too. I can see reverse stockinette as a design feature in small amounts, but not the whole thing.

Reverse stockinette is nice [I]sometimes, [/I]but not for a whole sweater. I’d do the pattern in regular stockinette and just call it a day. Looks better anyway, so why not do it?

I actually like that in reverse stockinette. Also, the inside of the jacket would be nice and smooth!

Is that in the latest issue of Vogue?


The sweater in the picture IMHO is beautiful in reverse stockinette. You asked why not garter stitch? Well, garter has some draw backs. I love garter and will go to the trouble of using it, but it is slower than using the reverse stockinette, and it uses more yarn I think. Garter of course has the little lines going across it, or ridges as they are called, whereas the reverse stockinette is more smooth (or evenly bumpy may describe it better. ;)). My knitting guru told me once that she thought garter stitch was one of the hardest to do well. I’ve discovered what she means, any variation in your gauge will show up in garter more than in reverse stockinette. Garter is also more stretchy, and of course reverse stockinette is just as stable as stockinette, because it is, only turned over. :slight_smile:

But it is a design choice. It is your sweater, you can do whatever you like the best. If you want to do garter instead of reverse stockinette you may need more yarn. Or stockinette is fine too. But for my money, for this design the stitch they chose is part of what makes it so attractive. Too bad a person can’t do it so it is reversible so you could have your cake and eat it too. :figureditout: I like that idea. :lol:

I own a reverse stockinette cardigan (store-bought) in a gorgeous burgundy color, and it drapes nicely. It’s not stripy like garter stitch would be; the texture is smoother. Garter would drape and stretch differently.


I also like it in reverse stockinette and think the choice was made to offer texture.

Hi’ya! :waving:

[SIZE=6][COLOR=red][I]I love it! [/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Reverse St St is the IN thing right now. And Merigold is right…garter stitch [U]does[/U] use more yarn…and it creates a much THICKER fabric.


[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Well ! Interesting. In another post I have a picture of a sweater I’m about to frog. It’s the Sonnet at knitty.com and how right that knitting guru was Merigold, because it not only is thick and bulky it stretched like I could not believe. What I thought was going to be a little snug short cardigan has grown into a great big thing and I hate it.

Yes, I suppose the designer chose this stitch for drape, I can understand that now. I have the swatch in front of me here though, and I just don’t like it. It looks “inside out” to me.
Small amounts of reverse placed here and there… I think I agree with you Jan.

Oh! the pattern is in Vogue spring/summer 2006, the one with the sexy girl in the pink skirt on the cover… :wink: