What is tinking?

Title says it all.

Sometimes if I make a mistake and I catch it before the row is done, I can undo each stitch (in the row) and put it onto the left needle again by inserting it into the stitch and letting the yarn unravel. Is that tinking?

well when you knit backwards it is a tink… see…tink…knit backwards! :wink:

Took me several months before I knew what frogging meant :smiley: When I 1st read it, I thought someone was referring to frog gigging :rofling: :roflhard:

Oooooh!!! Wow, I never got that. LOL! So what I described is tinking, then, yes? Or does tinking involve only one stitch, like when you use a crochet hook to undo one stitch several rows back and fix it?

Tink is when you unknit one stitch at a time, frog is when your rip-it rip-it, and fixing with a crochet hook hopefully avoids the previous two. :wink:

I think instead of the usual knitting abbreviation lists we always find, someone ought to do a list of alternative knitting language.

We have one here!

Ingrid…I love it!