What is this yarn made of?

hey guys I was wondering what a certain yarn is made of, has anyone seen caron simply soft yarn on ravelry?

I just started a sweater with it - it’s acrylic. There’s a SS Eco that came out a few years ago and might be discontinued, it’s partly made from recycled plastic jugs. And it’s one of the more popular yarns on ravelry going by stashes and finished projects made with it.

I’m making an entrelac scarf with the grey heather, black, and autumn red yarns

Content is on the yarn wrapper as well as the yardage. :thumbsup: It’s definitely acrylic, but one of the softer varieties.

I didn’t know it came in that color, sounds good for a scarf.

I lost the wrappers a while ago… it’s the reason I asked on here :slight_smile:

Oh I see… Been there done that. :lol: I always think I’ll remember, but then I never do. You’d think I’d learn. I usually look up yarns on Ravelry, but we don’t mind if you ask us, too. :thumbsup:

haha I was too lasy to get on raverly