What is this stitch pattern?

I made socks last year using this stitch pattern but I don’t remember what it is and can’t find the pattern
Does anyone know what it is?

And just for fun, I brought out a couple of projects to be finished up, only to find they’ve been Winston’d!

It might be a slip stitch cable worked over two sts or so. The video shows more sts but you could try it out on fewer.

Perhaps similar to this pattern:

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Salmonmac I found it, it’s the Textured Socks pattern by Nathalie Blanchard. I’m working on converting a top down sweater from stockinette to the stitch pattern of those socks. Stockinette in the round is really boring for me, I start things and have to force myself to finish, so I try to spice things up a little.

I really like both the stitch patterns you suggest, I’m saving them!