What is this called?

I want to knit something like a cowl, but is longer so that I can pull it down around my shoulders. Is this still called a “cowl”??

When I did a search for “cowl” on Ravelry.com almost all of the results were the shorter versions that go around the neck.

Anybody got an idea of what this would be called??

Try ponch, cape, cocoon.

Snood is another term which might bring up some results.

Try the term capelet.

Let us know how your search goes, OK?

Thanks for your help everyone! I ended up just searching thru Ravelry.com until I found one I liked. Which was this one:

I knit it with 3 strands of worsted weight together with size 17 needles.


It says the pattern is available for free but I can’t find how to get it. I only saw kits for sale. It’s nice, I’d like to know exactly how the stitch pattern is done.

You have to “purchase” it once you get to the Churchmouse yarn and teas website. Place a “1” in the box at the bottom of the page next to “Caitlin’s cowl - free pattern”. Then click on “Add to shopping bag” and fill out the info - just like you’d do if you’re ordering it.

They will send you a pdf file. btw, the pattern stitch is just K1 P1.

hth, knitcindy

OK, so I gave them phony info and got a receipt so I guess I’ll get instructions for downloading the pattern. Thanks.