What is this called please

Is there a name for the type of knitting where the stitches create a pattern, curves, lines, leaves etc but which are not cables and the fabric has no holes so it’s not lace.
This pattern has an example of what I mean across the top


I’d like to look for some more patterns with this sort of technique but don’t know what I should look for.


Good question! I don’t know of a specific name, but I’d look for terms like motif, increase/decrease stitch pattern, and embossed.

You can also use words to describe the motif, e.g. leaf, spider, diamond.

If you can get to your local library to borrow a few stitch dictionaries you will definitely find some examples of what you are after, even if you have to browse through to find them.


Kushami has given you some good terms to search. The stems or vines are traveling cables. The leaves are just shaped with increases and decreases sometimes with yarn overs at the base.


Thank you both
This has given me a good start on how to find some.

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You can also get some interesting, visually similar effects with careful use of brioche stitches. I’m not sure how easy brioche is to do, but it’s another thing you can play with :slight_smile:


@Creations, I happened to be looking at “mock cables” and realised the technique was possibly relevant to the stitch patterns you were thinking of, even if you don’t want the cable shape.


I have been meaning to try these on a hat in fingering weight for ages. Must get around to it soon.


Thank you for thinking of me and thanks for the link too.