What is the proper etiquette for linking this site?


I have started a Yahoo User Group in order to start a Social Knitting Club/Group in my area.


On the knitting group site there are spaces for links. I visit this forum daily and it has provided me with SO MUCH help. I would like others to know about KnittingHelp.com also.

Can I link this site on my knitting club’s Yahoo site?

Thank you!
Joy Towse

Joy, if you go into the “general knitting” forum here, there is a sticky that has knitting help link buttons that you can use. :smiley:


warm thanks,

Hey there!

The buttons are in a sticky. Which is a thread that stays permanently near the top of the section. If you read through the first 10 or so threads at the very top of General Knitting, there should be one that says Announcement:[color=indigo]KH link buttons! Link your blog or web site.[/color] and has a little green camera next to the word Annoncement.