What is the difference

I just received a new book on knitting with a pattern I MUST do; and it says I need 4 hanks of a worsted yarn - I went to an online store and found exactly what they asked for - however - Here it comes! What is the difference between a HANK and a SKEIN??? :doh:

Yes, I am relatively new to this knitting thing, and just want to make sure I don’t purchase an extremely insane amount of yarn I will not use up on one project - yet not have enough of it to carry over to a 2nd project!

A hank and a skein are just two different ways of wrapping a ball of yarn. As long as you know the yardage you will be fine. Most of the usual yarn that you would buy at Michael’s or Wal-Mart and places like that are wound into skeins. Not any different (as far as I’m concerned) than a regular old ball of yarn. A hank is something like what’s pictured here.

Hope that helps.

Aaaahhh…I didn’t know the difference either :teehee: Good to know.

I appreciate the answer greatly!! This stuff can get so confusing. I am off to investigate a local knit shop I was forunate enough to find while I searched online for a book!

This could get ugly/expensive!!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: