What is the dead easiest hat pattern ever?

I am starting on #2 son’s hat tonight - am using wool-ease thick n quick. I am looking at the Mielke farms pattern, or possible the H2o Pattern from chicknits (used to be online for free, I snagged it before she made it pay). I am going to be using 15’s, I can go either straight or Circular/DPNS. This is going to be just a beanie skullcap type hat to match his letter jacket. I want quick quick quick quick easy easy easy because I have not yet made a hat!!!

Here’s one–it takes a little math prep, but it works well because it doesn’t specify a particular yarn–just do the math based on what you have and knit away!

The Mielke farm one does look super easy. I have to tell you, for a cheapy acrylicy yarn, I love the Wool Ease Thick n Quick!!!

It’s virtually the only pattern that I use on hats & add embellishments as I wish, but use this formula as a beginning :wink:

I like the hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s totally basic, but lets you customize ribbing or roll brim, ear flaps, pom poms, etc. the easiest version is roll brim: cast on, knit for a while, decrease, BO. You can make it fancy by adding fancy stitches, cables, etc if you’re looking for a challenge, ot just add stripes, whatever! I don’t think it would work for sz 15 needles.

Here’s a basic pattern:

CO enough stitches to make a 20 inch circle that is a multiple of 6.
Join into a round
Knit all stitches around until hat measures 5-6 inches with the brim rolled.
K6, knit 2 together around
K around
K5, k2tog around
k around
K4, k tog around
K around
K3, K 2tog
K, then run string through all left stitches, weave in end

you can decrease less for a less pointy top (or when you run out of stitches!)

I am done with the everything up to the decreases. I wasnt able to stop and pick up the DPN’s I need to finish. So far this is so easy! I love it!

I do have a question though, will book it in the how to section…