What is the best way to print off an entire thread?

Does anyone know what the best way is to print off an entire thread? When I select all and copy and paste, it loses the right margin. When I try regular text formating it takes up a gazillion pages. I can deal with that if I have to, but I was wondering if there is some easy way to do this that I’m unaware of.


Are you talking about the Compassionate Knitting KAL? There are 28 pages and 414 replies so you ARE going to get a gazillion pages. :shock: :roflhard:

Did you try adjusting the scale? I tried printing a bit and was able to get the entire page, but it still has the lines. I’m not sure of anyway to do this except to copy and paste each bit of text you want and putting it into Word and the printing it out. Maybe someone else will know more.

Yep…that’s what I want to copy off! :lol: I don’t mind if there are lines. I’ll try to figure out what you tried and see if I can get it to work… If nothing else, when my kids are far more computer literate than I am, so maybe they can figure it out for me!