What is the best length circular needle to use for Magic Loop knitting?

I have been told “the longer the better” but there has to be a point of diminishing returns. So please help a girl out - which length works best for you and why? How long is too long?

I’m going to try Magic Loop on a pair of fingerless mittens (the iPhone Mittens from knittingjuju@wordpress.com). The pattern and yarn that I am using calls for US size 2 needles, if that makes a difference.

Many Thanks,
Zanna :muah:

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I usually use at least a 32", depending on how big the item I’m knitting is. I have a pair of 47" cables, too. Those are for my interchangeable needles. For my fixed circulars, I went ahead and got 40" because I wanted to do (and have done) two toe-up socks on one circular needle.

I’ve not used ML a lot, but had success with a 32" needle doing fingerless mitts (4 pair). I have seen a lot of people say they like a 40" and I would think that you wouldn’t need anything longer than 40" for sure. Any longer would just be in the way it seems to me. Be sure the cable is nice an flexible, that is the secret as far as I can see.

It depends on what you’re knitting. For fingerless mitts anything 29" or above would be fine unless you’re doing 2 at a time. Then you’d need longer ones like 40". For a hat around 30" works okay too.

Thanks very much for your timely assistance!! :cheering: