What is the best gift you ever received?

As a spin-off from the oddest gift, I thought it might be nice to share best gift stories.

Mine was the gift I got from my great-grandmother the Christmas after she died - a prayer I had cross-stitched for her maybe 12 years earlier. I cried.

I have gotten a lot of great gifts.
One year my mom bought me a stack of books and individually wrapped them. It was really cool.
Last year my DH got me a $200 gift card to my fave lys. I almost cried.
My favorite of all is the huge purple afghan that my grandmother knitted for me when I was about 14. I am 30 now and it is still on our couch though my DH hates it and it doesn’t go with anything. :roflhard:

Best gift hands down wasn’t even for me–it was a gift my Mom got in 2000: a framed photo of my grandpaw Earl, who passed away in 1975. He hated having his picture taken and would put his hands across his face. My Aunt Wilma found a snapshot of him, had it enlarged and framed and gave one to each brother and sister. What a surprise to “see” him after all those years. We all cried and cried.

The Christmas before I turned 16, I got a car. I proudly drove it to several friends’ houses on Christmas morning…not even giving a thought that they were having their own Christmas celebrations. Oh, and it was a really small town…the cops let us drive before we had our licenses as long as we were responsible…plus they could easily find our parents if we did anything wrong. :rofl:

I would have to say it was a large doll I got when I was about six years old. It was during the depression and I wanted that doll so much. Since neither of my parents were working and we were on welfare , I just knew it would never happen. I can still feel the joy I felt on that christmas day when I unwrapped that gift.

Well since the topic doesn’t specify a Christmas gift I’ll tell about what I consider was the best gift I was ever given.

Between the time I left High School and the time I entered the military I went on a hitch-hiking adventure around the country. My goal was to hitch through all 48 contiguous states (I succeeded).

After a few months on the road I found myself in New Mexico. I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, but I could see it from there. I hadn’t eaten in a few days as my money had run out. A Mexican family picked me up on the side of the road.

After riding with them for a while and playing with the children in the back seat, making them laugh with my very poor mastery of Spanish, they pulled into a dusty truckstop parking lot.

I shook the man’s hand and thanked him for the ride and started to walk away. He stopped me and gestured for me to follow him to the rear of the car. He opened the truck and I saw that it was filled with all sorts of Mexican food.

He told me they had been on a family picnic, he hated to waste the food, and proceeded to fill a couple of paper plates to overflowing with food. He handed them to me, along with a cold drink from the cooler. He then wished me via con Dios, and was on his way.

That was over 25 years ago now and I still remember that family and how good that food tasted. I hadn’t mentioned anything about not having any money or not having eaten. He simply gave from his heart. What could be a better gift than that?

The bestest gift so far is a double blessing… a reconnection, a couple of years ago with my sweet daughter after many years apart and the birth of her beautiful daughter, my first and so far, only grandchild. My heart was so full of joy and nothing has been as wonderful since… I’m sure life holds many more… Mary

The best gift I ever got was my dog Bentley. I didn’t get him for Christmas but he still is the best gift. My mom gave him to me for my birthday. Our family dog Ricky had passed away the beginning of February and I was absolutely heart broken. When my birthday rolled around in April my Mom decided it was time to get a dog back in the house. He was exactly what we needed. Now almost 7 years later he is still a gift!

The best gift me and my family were ever given was Christmas about 18 years ago and I will always remember it. My parents had just divorced and my mother had nothing as she had just gone back to teaching to support us (dad wasn’t that helpful with money for us). Several teachers she worked with showed up with presents for all 5 of us, canned goods, and a turkey for Christmas dinner. I always look back on that and cry since those people didn’t have to do all that for us, but they did. That was a great Christmas.

My spinning wheel. Hand made by my Dad. sigh

Wow, that’s a great gift. He put a lot of work into that.

Yes he did. This was the first spinning wheel he ever made and didn’t know the first thing about them when he started. But this is the best spinning wheel I’ve ever used.

Of course, he does know a thing or two about building things. He’s a professional luthier… he builds electric guitars, among the many other things he’s made. He is to wood as I am to yarn. :heart:

Great stories!

The story about the reconnected family makes me think (and sigh over) my dad, who passed away unexpectedly in 2001.

My parents were divorced when I was very young, and my mom kept him away from us out of spite.

We reconnected after I had my son. It was wonderful. My dad had the most amazing gift for selecting unique gifts. He once gave my daughter a doll that was from the story of Little Red Riding Hood. You could rearrange the doll’s clothes (she wore a dress with an apron) so that you had either the grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood, or the wolf. It was so cool.

One year, he gave my daughter a framed picture of himself. The morning after I found out he passed away, we explained to the kids that he had died. My kids saw how devastated I was. Dd came downstairs after a while with a wrapped present for me. Yep…you probably saw this coming…it was the picture of my dad. She wanted me to always be able to see him. I’ve kept that picture on my computer desk for years.

Ok…time to go have a cry…

Hey, I had one of those. I’d had completely forgotten it til you mentioned it :slight_smile:

Me too. I actually just found mine not too long ago. I loved the doll!

When I was a little girl, I wanted a dog so badly I even pretended to be one, but our landlords wouldn’t let us have pets. My parents bought their first house, and I still wanted a dog very badly, but they kept telling me that they weren’t ready to have a dog, blah blah blah. Eventually I stopped asking, but I still talked about dogs all the time. On Christmas morning, my dad went out to “get the newspaper”. I didn’t know any better back then, so I didn’t suspect anything. When he got back I jumped up to hug him and inside his coat was a squirmy black puppy. She died in 1999 from being hit by a car, but I will always love & remember her. My parents got two more dogs a couple of years ago, and even though I love them, Maxie will always be the dog closest to my heart.

I’m hoping for a (very used) car this year, but it’s most likely not gonna happen…even though they’re saving so much on college tuition, it is unlikely.
Here’s hoping there’s a junker out there coming to live with me! I promise I’ll treat you nicely and only drive you to school and the yarn store :wink:

Every time I get a gift I didn’t have to pick out I think it’s the best…a few particulars. My maternal grandmother always sent me a $10 bill for Christmas, birthday etc and I never thought it wasn’t enough or that I wanted something else. I always knew that it was coming and I could get whatever I wanted with it or put it in the bank for a rainy day.
The first year we were dating the hubby bought me a really expensive cast iron chinese steeping pot for tea…I had mentioned that I wanted a tea pot so that on a chilly morning I could make a pot of tea and leave it on the stove to keep warm (I was thinking $15 Corellware) and he searched for weeks/months high and low for that pot.

I have three greatest gifts. All where given by God. The first is my DH, and the second and third are my children. In all my years, I have discovered that things come and go, but people who touch your heart will last forever.

My favorite gift was a complete set of nursery items from my church choir, back when I was a poor single mom. They even gave me a crib and changing table!

Another of my favorite gifts was a large black plastic bag, filled with toys for my children’s Christmas. This was also when I was a single mom. And once again, it was from my church.

The church has been good to me over the years. Once, when my car broke down, they paid to replace the engine. Over 1200 dollars. I was speechless.

Since that time, I’ve gotten married to the sweetest man in the world. He has given me wonderful gifts over and over again. Tangible gifts, and gifts of the heart. It was well worth the wait.

I can’t pinpoint any one gift, I’ve gotten some good ones over the years. What I do really enjoy more than anything is getting Christmas cards from friends that I only hear from occasionally. I don’t know, those fill me up so much I get all giddy when I see one in the mailbox.