What is the best double increase in 1x1 rib

I’m doing a pattern that is completely in k,p rib. There are 4 markers with an increase to each side of the marker so that there is a total of 8 increases in the round. The instructions have you do a k,p increase on each side of the marker. I am doing the stated increase by knitting into the stitch as normal leaving it on the needle and purling into it as normal. This keeps the rib in pattern however it does [U]not[/U] give a nice flow to the look.

I have seen pictures of other projects that have a nice flow in this area but have no clue how it was done. Any suggestions? :knitting:

You might try picking up the loop between sts and making your individual increase there by knitting or purling into the back loop to twist the loop and prevent a hole.
There’s also the method for double increases into the loop shown in this video that might work:

Thank you so much. I’ll check out the video in the daylight so I don’t accidentally wake up hubby.

You could also try something like kfbf (knit front, back, front). So in a knit stitch, you’d knit into the front, then into the back, then into the front again. It’ll turn your knit stitch into a knit, purl, knit sequence, keeping it in pattern.

Thanks again!! I’m making my furbaby a sweater so it is the perfect time for me to try and decide what I like the best for future projects that matter. She doesn’t care what they look like and I only care that they are warm for winter nights or when the AC is on and she has just had a haircut.

I have watched the video. Though I haven’t taken time to try it It seems to me it would leave a ‘hole’ doing the two stitches in the horizontal bar. I’m going to do a sample to be sure.

I hadn’t thought of KFBF. I kept thinking ‘between’ the two stitches instead of using a stitch to make the two. I’m going to do a sample of that also!!!

What I have been doing is a LLI (left loop increase) and a RLI (right loop increase) making sure the stitch I do in the loop is as needed to keep the pattern in order. This has me doing my LLI as a knit and my RLI as a purl.

I’m seriously considering to make swatches similar to what we have here on the Increases and Decreases page. Only I think if I do them I will do them as individual swatches so that I can also do different cast-on’s and bind-off’s. I could them label each swatch accordingly. I’m one of those strange people that kind of like swatches as I learn so much from them.

Again thanks for the help.