What is the attraction of Ravelry?

I asked on the other thread but I thought I’d pose it here. I’m curious what the key attraction for people is. Is it the expertise, discounts, projects??? This is clearly quite a phenomenal event/happening and I am really curious about it.

Right now it’s because I can’t get in, so I’m dying too!

Its the whole kitten caboodle for me. I love the organising things, the way I can click on a pattern and see how it looks made in different yarns, is displayed on different body types and all the colours of the rainbow all that from ONE click. The patterns are there, the groups for various things are there, the WIP / Completed works section for keeping my projects and and and and and and and and and and just EVERYTHING!

I’m with Mulene! I’ve been known to be quite anal compulsive and Ravelry will be perfect for me to organize that. I also think it will be a great resource for projects that we’ve been working on and can really more “see” what others have done.

I’m really far down on the list but I really want in. I probably won’t do the fourms on there because I’m here…but I can’t wait to use the search features and the organization features on the site!!!

minkoo…you’d be a sucker for one of those holes in the wall with the ‘don’t look’ sign above it LOL

mulene and sara_jayne…great explanations. I think it marvellous being able to see a pattern like that in all yarns and shapes etc.

Can people create their own site within that site? Or just link blogs like here?

Forgot to ask…does it cost? If so, what is the per annum fee?

I LOVE Revelry! Feasting, dancing, drinking… :wink:

Ravelry is free. I like it because it’s a useful tool…it’ll help me organize what I have as far as needles, yarns, etc. It’ll help me do research on projects and yarn types, because I can see what other people have done with that yarn/project, and so I can see what problems they’ve had or alterations or whatever. Saves loads of time on googling.

Stiney… I’m being drawn in… :slight_smile: when you say it will help you organise your needles etc…how do you mean? I assume they provide some sort of checklist for you to tick off and that you can then print out???

I think the research aspect invaluable… two thumbs up :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I agree with the below…it is nice cause you can organize and see how others may change a pattern up…you can see what different yarns they decided to sub with…I have seen patterns on there that I haven’t seen somewhere else…I just love that everything is one click away…want to see tons of sock patterns search socks… or sweaters or baby afghans… you want to make a certain sock but not sure if a solid or striped yarn would be best… search for just that sock pattern and be amazed at what it would look like in yarns you hadn’t even thought of…

I do like the groups you can find others that are working on the same project like the KALs here or just other knitters you have things in common with… Just another way to meet other knitters…

You can link your blog to the site… like when you click into someone’s project it says comments, then it has blog posts that list all posts they talked about that project in, then you can add that pattern to your queue or favorites…

It also has a book section that you can put the books you own in… but it will also let you know what book (if you don’t own it) you need to get in order to make a project in your queue list…

the needle chart lets you list all your needles/hooks and then you can print a little card if you need to…

just very neat site that makes it very easy for people who knit/crochet to have everything just one click away from them…

I’m not actually in yet, so I’m not sure how printable it is, but you can organize all the stuff inside. You can also see what’s popular (for instance, Fetching are in the “sample photo” on the main page.

Only 2,474 people in front of me!

I love the fact that you can click one link and see everyone else who’s working on the same thing you are, all their photos of it, what yarns they’re using, any modifications they’ve done, or any errata found. That’s the MAIN reason I love Ravely… everything else is just icing.

Silver… I think that a great resource. Sounds like whomever developed this site really was creative and thorough and knew what knitters like to know. I often think forums…when you use them as a research resource…are great in revealing such things.

I am so far down on the list that I doubt I will get in this year, but I am looking forward to it for much the same reasons that Silver posted. It will be great to see if anyone else is working on the same project, and how they are doing with it.

Everyone has been saying great things about it, so I put my name on the list just to see what it was all about. 1150 people ahead of me right now, and it seems like they’re letting in around 100ish each day (I think). I think it’ll be great to get everything organized.

Exactly what Silver said – I used to spend all this time googling projects, reading 4568750 knitting blogs to see what people had to say about something I was considering knitting, what their issues were, what yarn they used, etc. It could be really time consuming!

Now = click.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. (And the rest is icing on the cake, indeed. ) :thumbsup:

yup same as Silver said - but its a LOT of icing :teehee:



I swear it’s like a watched pot that won’t boil… :help:

“2448 people are ahead of you in line”

I am only about 250 from my invitation. I am soooo excited. I am looking forward to using Ravelry to pick new projects, and examine all the yarn choices. I like to go on knittersreview.com to check out yarns, but they don’t always have what I am looking for. I think Ravelry will be great for a whole lot of things (like sucking up all the available time in a day!!!)

GAH!! They sent mine on July 25th!! I sure didn’t see it, and I’ve been checking my spam folder and everything! :doh:

Fortunately, they’re going to re-send it. :woot:

I’m so glad I checked!