What is the absolute bulkiest yarn?

Or, I guess, the bulkiest you’ve heard of.

I’m looking for an ungodly weight here.I was hoping to knit a headboard for my new bed :slight_smile:

I prefer cotton but I suppose anything would do, really.

Maybe Brown sheep Burly–this is wool.
Or School House Press Sheeps Down
also wool.

I don’t think I would use either for a head board…ambitious project. Are you going to stretch it over a frame of some kind or stuff it?

Really bulky cotton would be heavy and hard to work with. You could hold 2 or 3 strands together but it would be a hard on the hands. I’ve done bath mats that way but they are smaller than a head board.

I will be knitting the piece too large for the headboard and stretching it over wood.I will,of course, be using a layer of batting and fabric in between so you can’t see through the holes onto the wood and so it’s not hard.

I was hoping to knit something really thick in a honeycomb type pattern but if I can’t find anything decent to work with, I’m just going to take something sturdy and crochet hexagons with it.

If you already have the headboard “form” maybe you could just try vertically wrapping the yarn around it. You know, from top to bottom all the way across.

That way it would still be covered, especially if you use a double or triple strand together!!!

HTH, knitcindy

Big stitch has yarn you use on the 50 needles, not sure of the size but i know it is the biggest yarn to date. Good luck, it costs about 50$ a skein.

Here’s the big stitch website - made by Bag Smith.

Or you could knit with roving

That is one cool idea! I hope you are going to post pictures of your WIP!

Have you tried a soft cotton rope? That’d certainly be your cheapest option, and you can dye it to whatever color(s) you want. You can also turn broomstick handles or whatever to make big enough needles.

The thickest I know of is Twinkle by Classic Elite (Rav link), but you’re looking at some pretty hefty expense there as well. It’s 4 sts per 4 inches.

drools at the bulkiness of these yarns

…and OMG 50$$ a skein?JESUS^%%%$^!! X_X

Here are all the super bulky yarns on Ravelry:

You might want to consider T shirts. A friend of mine has a rug that is knit from tee shirts that have been cut into strips. They could be cut any width to get the thickness you desire. Or, if you wish to try this method you could purchase a long length of a thick knit fabric and cut it into longer strips than a tee shirt would yield.

I synthetic suede would work nice too. It has some stretch to it. You could buy a small amount and try it before spending money for a large amount of fabric.

ive seen people on etsy.com sell hand spun yarn you might want to ask some of them if they could make u a really bulky yarn… you could also try to find a rope that you like and knit with that … or perhaps buy a lot of 6 weight yarn and double or triple strand that till u find the thickness u want

I found something called “Crazy Sexy Wool” on this link:


You only get 2 sts per inch with it! Only thing is, the cost! It costs $22 for 80 meters. This stuff looks like rope! This is definitely the bulkiest yarn I’ve ever seen!!!

I also came up with another idea - cutting strips out of fleece. If you cut them about 1/2 an inch wide, you should be able to knit with that. Or you could cut them however wide you want!

HTH, knitcindy