What is SL1 Purlways WYIF, P1?

Do you slip 1 purlways and the put the yarn in front? or Do you put the yarn in front and then slip 1 purlways?

Put the yarn in front and then slip one purlways.

I feel compelled to add to this.

I’m working on the “Linen Stitch Scarf,” from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. All Sl1s are “slip one (insert right needle into next stitch [I]purlwise[/I] and transfer it to right needle without working it).” [B]However[/B], on odd-numbered rows the sl1 is performed with “yb (bring yarn to [B]back[/B] between needles”); on even-numbered rows the sl1 is performed “yf (bring yarn to [B]front[/B] between needles”).

I would say to follow [B]salmonmac[/B]'s good advice unless the pattern tells you otherwise. It is possible–as in this particular pattern–to sl1 [purlwise] wyib.


For this row at least, it clearly states to slip with the yarn in front. If the next row is wyib, then the OP would move the yarn to the back and slip as if to purl, but it would say that.