What is right side/wrong side?

I am working on a baby blanket and I am really new to knitting anything other than washcloths here is the pattern:
Cast on 132 stitches.

Rows 1-16: Knit.

Begin pattern:
Row 1 (right side): Knit.
Row 2 (wrong side): Knit 8, (purl 8, knit 4) 9 times, purl 8, knit 8.
Rows 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11: Repeat row 1.
Rows 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12: Repeat row 2.
Rows 13-18: Knit.

[B]I have no idea what the wrong side is…[/B]
Thanks for any help,

The right side is the front or the side you want to show and the wrong side is the back. Some stitches tend to look better on one side or the other… cables for instance look better on the right or front side. It’s really a matter of personal choice though. If you like the other side better than that is [I]your[/I] front.

so then do you flip the project over? I’m sorry, I’m terrible with written directions!

The pattern is telling you what the intended right side (public side) and wrong side (non-public side) is. You will turn your project over after you have completed working the 132 stitches. To tell right side (public) from wrong side (non-public) concentrate on the center 116 stitches the first and last 8 stitches will work out to be a garter stitch border. The right side will be the side with the more “V” looking knit stitches between the the garter stitch rows of 13 -18 knit stitches. Work out the pattern for about 20 rows and it will become clearer to you.

Just work the pattern as written, when you’re done, you may find you like one side better, or this may be a reversible stitch pattern. The instructions are just telling you that the odd numbered rows will be the RS and possibly later, may have you do something else that might be written as `work X inches, ending with RS row’ so you’ll know that you will have just finished an odd numbered row.

What helped me when I was just starting would be to do it like this:

Knit rows 1-16, then start row 17. You know the way the fabric is facing you is the “right side”. Pin a little safety pin on the front. When you flip the piece over to start row 18, the pin is now on the back on the other side- so you know what’s facing you now & what you’re working is the “wrong side”.

That way if the pattern tells you to end on a right or wrong side row, it will be easy to tell what you’re working. (although I bet by the time you get there- you will have sorted that out.)

Just post if you need more help!

I have a similar question. I did a long-tail cast-on & am using those stitches as my first row. When my instructions tell me to “end with a WS row”…is that an even numbered row, or an odd numbered one (counting the cast on row and #1). Am I making sense?

I thought I read once that if you loose track you can always tell because the tail will be at the top when the right side of your work is facing you. Is that also correct?

If you use a long tail cast on, the tail is on the right when you knit the first row. But if you count the CO as your first row, and the first actual knit row is the next row… then you end up confused…

So, once again, the[B] LT CO really does not knit the first row[/B][I]. [/I]It’s a CO, and no pattern ever says any thing like `when using the LT CO, start with the 2nd row’. Do the CO and work the next row as the first row. That is generally the RS row unless the pattern says differently.