What is ms3

I know it is moss stitch, but is it k1, p1, k1 or something different?



Here’s what I have done so far:

At the beginning of the book, it explains that ms is moss stitch - k1, p1, k1, p1,…etc.

in this pattern it says:

3rd row: k10, ms3.
4th row: ms3, k8, k2.
5th row: k10, ms3.

this is what I have been doing so far -

k10, then k1, p1, k1(ms3)
4th row: p1, k1, p1 (ms3)…and here is something else I don’t get: k8 and then k2 (do you just knit 10??? - that is what I did)
5th row: k10, k1, p1, k1 (for ms3)

Any ideas?



What are you making with your patten? That does seem kind of strange how they wrote out the moss stitch as ms3…I’m guessing you’re putting a moss stitch border on something? But it looks like you’re doing it the right way to me!

It’s a little doll dress and I believe the pattern is from the bottom up. So I think this is the side of the arm hole.
I really don’t get why there would be a k8, then a k2 instead of just k10, if you are supposed to knit 10 stitches. Do you think this is what I am supposed to do?

I think I could learn to knit if it wasn’t for the abbreviations, LOL!!!