What is meant by (K2, inc) to end

Welcome to KH. What pattern is this from? The stitch counts given don’t seem to work with the instructions, as I read it. If you start with 20 sts and (k1,inc) to end I think it will give you 40 sts.

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You’re going to repeat the instructions in the parentheses over and over till you reach the end of the row.
In this case, the numbers at the ends of the row indicate that you are making the increase by working in a stitch. That means that the increase isn’t between stitches but uses a stitch. Work a knit front and back (Kfb) or any similar increase.
For (K2, inc) you would knit 2, Kfb, knit 2, Kfb, knit 2, Kfb and so on across the row.

What is the name of your pattern?


K2 increase - you knit two then increase in the following (3rd) stitch.

Ah. The light comes on.