What is M1 – lift loop between stitches, knit into back of loop


I am trying make a gown for my babe. I downloaded a pattern from net and i could see this [B]M1 – lift loop between stitches, knit into back of loop[/B] in abbreviation, but i dont know how to do this stitch… Anyone please help me.

Look at the videos on this site (http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases). There is a video demonstrating M1.

Simply put, they’re telling you to pick up the horizontal strand between the stitch you just knit and the one you would knit next, loop it over the LH needle and knit it through the back loop (instead of the front loop like you’d usually do with a knit stitch). the part of the strand they’re telling you to lift is the part between the two “bumps” created by the stitches in the row below it. This is a LOT easier to see when you’re working with light colored yarn that’s tightly plied, because it’s easier to identify which strand is which. If you’re working with a yarn that splits easily or has a fuzzy texture, it can be hard to see where the bumps are (and where the bottom of the strand is for that matter).

Video is really the best way to see this, it’s not impossible to explain verbally, but the explanation is often more confusing than the pattern instructions themselves. (This is true with a lot of – perhaps most – knitting “exercises”.) But be aware that there are at least four variations on “M1”, and while they all do the same thing (increase by one stitch) they can look VASTLY different. The way it’s described, it sounds like what they’re telling you to do is “Make one left” (M1L). If you’re looking at the video and it doesn’t look like the demonstrator is doing what your pattern is asking for, try a different video and see if it matches up better. It isn’t that the video is wrong, just that it’s demonstrating a different variant of M1. The videos on this site are excellent – and have saved my sanity more than once.

Thanks a lot…i got it…:woot: