What is knitting tbl (to the back of the loop)

Can anyone give me a detailed description of knitting to the back of the loop? I am knitting a stitch from the mon tricot knitting dictionary and I believe it was published in 1972, and I need help fiquring out how to do that because they do not have instructions in the book. Also if anyone has it can you decipher the flower pattern?

many thanks!

Hi and welcome to KH!! :yay:

Instead of knitting the st through the front loop they want you knit the st through the back loop on the needle. Usually this creates a twisted stitch :thumbsup:

Each st has a leg that lies over the front of the needle and over the back. Normally we knit through the front leg or loop; some patterns will have you knit through (not to) the back leg to twist the stitch. Look in the Glossary under ktbl, there’s a video I think.