What is k0

Hi - This is my first posting. I am making a baby sweater and it has a front placket. In order to create the placket, an instruction says to k0 and then instructs you to k2tog, k0, k2tog . A new ball of yarn is being joined on at this point also. I have no idea what the k0 is? Please help!!

That’s `knit zero’. In the size you’re making you don’t knit a stitch, other sts may have you k 1 or 2, but you would just k2tog, k2tog.

quite often patterns will be written for several sizes but will be writen in a standard form.

So whilst one size would be written k2tog, K2, K2tog the size you are working on doesnt need the 2 stitches between the decreases so is K2tog, K0, K2tog.
It should be read as K2tog, K2tog.

What is the link to the pattern, or what is the book or magazine and the page number? It’s hard to say outside of the context of the rest of the pattern. . .

I found out that k0 meant knit zero in the pattern size I am making. Thanks for reminding me that I should be more specific when asking a question.

It’s only after knitting hundreds of projects over many years that you realize how many variations on pattern instructions there can be:) . A friend once e-mailed me for help with a pattern and didn’t understand when I said I needed more of the pattern than just “K2” to help her out. Then I gave her about 10 examples of what that might mean in the context of a pattern and she had one of those “oooooh” moments:rofl: . We still laugh about that. And so glad that you got is sorted and can continue on with the baby sweater!