What is it with husbands this week?

Crycket’s DF nearly chopped his thumb off and now my my DH was in the street playing football with some kids and falls backward and hits his head on the asphalt! He’s 62! I told him he’s too old to be playing that in street to at least play in the grass!

He’s okay, but I just had to run to the store for peroxide, tape, gauze pads… He’s got a bump and a good 2.5 inch area that is scraped up and red. Sheesh. :doh:

BTW…dings in his are nothing new. We have a boat and he’s always hitting his head on something. You’d think after 62 years he’d remember it was there…his head I mean. :roflhard:

I hit my head like that when I was a kid.
I think that was concusion #4.
I’m glad he only got a bump and scrape out of it.

At 62 he’s supposed to be yelling at the kids playing football in the street. :slight_smile:

Not just husbands…I tried to show my niece how to go up a bike ramp (am in my fifties :waah: ) got some speed, made it to the top, lost some speed and feel off sideways…took a real good knee hit (scraps and all) couldn’t walk for a few days…thank god it wasn’t a hip:rofl:

It’s gotta be the weather :teehee:

My brother in law went to the ER last week…Ok, well, he and my brother live on a hill (my brother and brother in law live right next door to each other) and they like to have races down this hill…But, mind you, not races on bikes or running, but races on kid cars! Like those little cars toddlers sit on and ride all over the house by pushing the car with their feet a la Flintstones…My daughter had a Disney Princess one…lol…So yes, my brother and brother in law hijack their kids’ cars and go flying down the street on them. Well, somehow my brother in law lost control and flew face first into the pavement. And boy was my sister PO’d! She’s been telling him forever one of these days he was gonna get hurt…I think he finally believes her :teehee:

Oh I really hope that this does not mean that my husband who is in the backyard with a jackhammer is not going to get hurt! :oo:

Yeah…something is in the air for sure…

Sorry to hear about it…

Mine is going to get his 2 stitches out on Tuesday…and although the bone should be healed for the wedding, the nail won’t be grown back…sigh

I guess it’s the law of averages at work here . . .

My DH went over the handlebars of his bike a couple of days ago; luckily I think his pride was hurt much more than anything else, although he did scrape up the palms of his hands a bit (he was wearing cycling gloves, thank goodness) and I think one of his knees.

He was on his way to work – he rides his bike to work every day – and was going up a very steep, curving incline that goes up to an overpass. The chain slipped completely off and somehow he managed to clip his shoes out of the bike pedals, but he lost control of the bike and went flying.

He’s really lucky! I know that a lot of people end up with broken collarbones when they go over the handlebars. He came home kind of pouting about the incident, griping that his gloves were ruined and that he was going to have to work on his bike some more. :shrug:

I told him this and laughed.

At least he doesn’t have to have his nails painted so it really won’t be that obvious. :wink:

No, that is true…but my finger nails are stubby enough that paint isn’t going to help mine either…I am trying to upload a How I Knit vid, if it happens…then you will see what I mean! winks

Jan, tell DH the “new” rule for playing football is “if it doesn’t hit me, it’s not to me”… then he won’t be making any diving catches!

Only 2 stitches is good, but must be a blow to the manly injury ego :teehee:

All of you young ladies: First of all a man is nothing but a five-year old in old skin. After, well going on 45-years on the 7th of December, I know all too well. Get used to it - or go it on your own. Oh, my. haven’t I thought about that all too often, BUT, after 45-years who would I blame for all that goes kaput??? :hair: :hair:

:teehee: I had a friend over today and we were talking about kids and how girls mature faster than boys and I said to her, “see, girls mature at age 5, guys don’t mature until 85”. I think I was still giving too much credit…hahahaha…NO OFFENSE GUYS! Just a bit of girl humor :teehee:

The two stitches are I think where he degloved his finger, the rest was all nail damage…so they could not stitch that

First of all a man is nothing but a five-year old in old skin.

I resemble that remark!

First of all a man is nothing but a five-year old in old skin.
[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“dimgray”]Wanda Witch:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I resemble that remark!

:roflhard: [FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]

Mason, I’m also a member of the FYOIOS club.

About a month ago I was up on the ladder to put the gutter back on the eaves of the house…

Down slides the ladder.
Down falls Jack.

Bumbles aren’t the only ones that can bounce!

At least I did not
break my back.

And that is not why I am called …

Off Jumps Jack :slight_smile:

I bounced several times on my legs right up to my buttocks. Nothing broken, well just the porch railings. I still haven’t gotten them fixed yet.


Are you getting this on video for America’s Funniest Home Videos? You might win the prize!

Well if ya didn’t break anything (or even if ya did) ya jump up and say “I meant to do that!”

my 5 year old son has learnt that one already :teehee: . He’ll fall off his bike (just taken the stabalizers off) and he’ll look about then see someone and grin saying he ment to fall off and it didnt hurt really, with blood pouring down his leg. then i make him get of to clean him up and im silly mum for making him get cleaned up.

they learn so young the art of being the man :roflhard: .

My daughter’s new boyfriend has 10 stitches in his chin from football practice. He couldn’t play in the Homecoming game last night.

I did get one video of them but nothing happens…BAH! My brother in law just had to wait to have his accident at 1 in the morning…hahaha…It’s a funny video though, seeing 2 grown men flying down that hill on kiddie cars :teehee: