What is it that you most like to see in a blog?

I’ve just posted my latest entry to my blog and you can check it out at prisknits.blogspot.com, but I’m curious to find out what others in this forum most like o see in knitting blogs or blogs in general? Just curious.

I like a few pictures of finished projects and various notes like deviations made from the pattern (yarn, needle size, gauge, etc.) and what problems people ran into. When I finish this hat I’m working on I plan on making some notes like “don’t pay attention to the line that says ‘at the same time’ 'cause it doesn’t belong there!” :slight_smile: I like reading about people’s knitting adventures.

Like knitncook, I like pictures of FO, WIP and details about the yarn, needles, lessons learned etc. I don’t mind a little off-topic stuff, like, I’d love to see a few pictures of your salt and pepper collection. :wink: And it looks like you’re off to a good start… I enjoyed it and you’ve already got several comments so that’s encouraging!

But overall, I find my favorite blogs have great pictures and, there’s something about them that I find inspiring… they make me strive to be a better knitter.

I’ve just blogged on the same suject…

i don’t just read knitting blogs (but mostly)

i like short easy to read paragraphs (and blog that are clogged with LONG endless paragraphs don’t get read often)

I like photo’s (of progress, of yarn, of FO, of anything (even a gratuitus sunset is better than nothing!)

I like thought and philosophies. (not just what is being knit, but why!)

I dislike post about cute cats, or cuddly dogs… (once is while is ok, but pets are not an deep interest of mine)

babies are fun… but even they are less interesting when i really don’t know them, (or their parents).

Food is OK (again, i don’t really read food blogs, but a recipe once or twice a month, or a food post as often,–is ok.

I like tutorials… (i don’t always learn stuff, but i like to learn how others explain!)

Nouns, verbs, adjectives. :teehee:

Content is good.

reasonable frequency of posting is good. - there are some great blogs out there that I only check once a month or so because there are almost never any new posts (but the ones that come up are usually good)

On the other hand there are blogs that get updated several times a day that never say anything. So why read them?

I think your blog looks great and will check back often. I love to read about knitting adventures, but like some insight into the person, as well. I have to agree that pictures are very important, and it looks like you are off to a good start with the photo of your beautiful embroidery!!

And, unlike Of Troy, I love gratuitous pet photos :slight_smile:

Have fun with your blog!!

What a nice start! I think that your blog is visually appealing…something that is important to me…or else I won’t read for long.

For me, humor is one of the most important things in a blog. I also like blogs that are updated regularly. I don’t read them very often, but if someone’s writing style catches my eye, I’ll visit periodically.

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

I like to see photos, photos, and more photos. I also love to hear the author’s opinions on yarn, designs, authors, and needles. And, reviews on the latest knitting tools are helpful, if you have them.

You are off to a good start.

I just started a blog myself a couple of months ago-- and I do have lots of photos… lots…
:happydance: lots…

Your blog is off to a good start. My camera doesn’t take wonderful photos, and my computer is old, so I haven’t started one.

What I like to see in a blog depends on how well it is written, as much as the content. People who are ‘trying’ to reinvent English lose me completely as Spell Check is not that hard to use.

Kids, pets, crafts, adventures, etc., are all good.

It looks like you are off to a great start! I’ll definitely have to add your blog to my list of must reads :slight_smile:

I don’t have a knitting blog (yet!), but I do have a blog about television shows and strike news over here. I hope to kick of a knitting one once I am back at school and have access to my camera cable

I prefer to see pictures.

I have added your patternlinks site to my bookmarks–thanks for your reply

Thanks to all of you who took the time to let me know what you like to see in blogs. I put a free pattern and a photo of my own design for a ruched pillow. You can see it there now, and tomorrow I am posting a photo of my latest project, so tune in, please, and leave me a comment or tow on what you liked or didn’t. It’s all in good knitting fun!