What is "EOR marker"?

[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Purple”]Hi I am still learning the terms here when reading a pattern and don’t know what or how to do a “EOR Marker”

Could somone please help[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

It means “every other row”. For instance decrease on all the even rows would be EOR.

For something in the round it would be End of Round/row. I don’t see where you’d need a marker to mark every other row.

Sue could well be right on this. I have not seen EOR used that way, but Sue is right that it doesn’t make sense to need a marker for every other row. It’s funny to have one abbreviation that means two different things but it certainly could. It makes better sense if you are working in the round. Sorry for any trouble I may have caused.

I answered a question today on ravelry about changing a bottom up raglan sweater to top down. She was converting the yoke decs to incs and asked about the instructions which said to change to 8 incs/decs EOR. She wondered if that meant to inc 8 sts on either side of the end of round marker. So it is used both ways, you just have to know that and figure out the context.