What is "DK" yarn?

Hello! I am a brand new knitter. What does “DK” mean?

Thanks! Karen

It means double-knit yarn. Also it is called worsted weight yarn. Many names for the same thing.

DK stands for double knitting…it’s weight falls between worsted and fingering yarn.

One of the reasons we are always cautioned to do a gauge swatch before knitting a garment is even though all the yarns are catagorized in weights, some of the yarns in the same catagory could differ.

So, two DK yarns could give you a different measurement…

I know, more info than you asked for. :teehee:

And, you can see, from the preceeding post…we all seem to have different terms…that’s why gauge is your friend.


That chart is a nice resource to have.


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