What is C6L C6R vs C6F C6B in cable patterns?


I am about 10 rows into the cabling pattern of my first cable sweater project. I’m doing Rowan’s Mossdale pattern. There are separate stitch sequences in this pattern named C6L/C6R and C6F/C6B. The latter set I am taking as Cable 6 Front and Cable 6 Back. The former I am a bit confused by. It seems the “C” in sequences using “L/R” rather than “B/F” means “Cross” rather than “Cable” When I google C6L or C6R it seems a lot of people use L/R interchangeably with F/B and I just get Cable instructions. Alternatively I get instructions for C6 (not specifying L or R) which seems to produce something altogether different from what I’m seeing in photos of the finished product. And if it is this particular stitch then I’m not sure how to adapt it to L/R. There is also a C7L/R. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


There should be a key or table that defines the abbreviations included with this pattern. If there are charts, it may be with the charts or it could be at the beginning or end of the pattern.
Sometimes the L/R or F/B are used when working with only knit sts or knit and purl crosses.
I don’t see any problems noted on Ravelry so the key is likely there somewhere. If not, contact Rowan and ask for a copy.

Thanks for your reply. I completely overlooked the “special abbreviations” section which was on a different page than the key and charts. Thanks for making me look again! I spent so much time googling this and it was right there all along! Sheesh. Thank you again.