What is and How Can make this cable stick look

1059611_3_large.jpg copy
I can’t get the cable/braid quite right. It looks like two cables, slightly staggered. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

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The cable looks very nice but it does look offset by a row. You’re working both cables on the same row? Is this knit as a singe piece or is the cable panel seamed into the body?
Wet blocking might help straighten out the cables either as part of the sweater or as a separate piece.

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Hi, thank you for your reply!
It’s not so much the offset look that I am having trouble with, it’s the connection of the two cables, every technique I’ve tried makes it look weird and not as “seperated” as it looks. The connection between the two cables seems to be my issue (those long linking strands).
I’m not sure, I found this piece online and was trying to recreate it.
I’ll try that, but first I wanted to get the “look”.

There are going to be longish strands on either side of a cable twist. You’re knitting stitches out of order and, depending on the yarn, you see these strands.
Maybe you can post a photo of what you’re getting?

Mind the latest part.
The cables look united.

I’m not using the same type of wool, maybe that’s the problem, I’m not sure.

This looks good to me. Are you crossing the cables on the same row?

Yes, do you think crossing one earlier could give me that effect?

Yes, I think that’s what’s going on. One cable crosses on row 1 the other on row 3.

I’ll try that! Thank you very much, I’ll share my progress!