What is an Ipod?

I need someone to explain to me what is an Ipod and how is it used.
I have been looking for a CD player with ear plugs that I could take walking with me. but I find they are hard to come by these days, that the Ipods have taken their place.
So, how do they work. I want to go walking and listen to music or audio books, do they do that? How do you get music or audio books for them, do they have a file of some type to load or buy. I hate to look dumb, but I don’t know much about them.
What is the best kind to get, brand, etc. How much do they cost?

Hi Mare! Let me tell you that it sounds like an iPod is what you’d want for music and audiobooks. Look at this on the apple.com site http://www.apple.com/itunes/ It shows what they have and how you can get music and books. There are even places for free audiobooks (i.e. Librivox.org) They are downloaded to your computer and then onto your iPod.

You can also go to an Apple store and talk to the people there, tell them what you want and they’ll set you up. Apple stores have free classes you can take to learn how to use it too. To find a store close to you, go here http://www.apple.com/retail/

Good luck!

Edited to add: iPod is a brand, and there are other audio players. I am partial to iPods because I think they are most accessible. :slight_smile:

My daughter just bought a (used) iPod Mini, and we had NO knowledge of them before that. But it was very easy to figure out, and she loves it. (I love it too, and am now looking for a used one for myself!) You simply download any songs you want from the iTunes website, and put them on the iPod by dragging the song title to the iPod icon. The sound quality is excellent, the device is small, and as I said, it’s simple to use. We are having fun building her collection, and we’re now trying to figure all the extra details out (such as how to arrange your playlists). I’m not familiar with the other versions of the iPod, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be too different. Oh, and we found hers for sale on Craigslist (locally) for $50.00. It was like new. Hope that helps!

i am a huge ipod fan. i live and breat with mine.

they are really simple to use, my 5 year old knows how to use it easily!
an ipod the quality ios far far better. i just have the mini one (no idea what its called as i leave that kinda stuff to my brother and dp), that cost me €50 new so really cheap for the amount of pleasure it gives me.


You also have various mp3 players that you can buy. This is what I have. I listen to music, but also I listen to the radio a lot (it doesn’t seem to be possible with the iPod unless you buy an accessory for it). You can also find mp3 players that are cheaper than iPods too. I love the look of iPods though! :teehee:

The iPod is an mp3 player. The actual brand name ‘iPod’ belongs to Apple.

I have the 4th generation regular iPod and the newer iPod shuffle. I absolutely love my iPod shuffle. It’s about the size of your 2 thumbs put together and it’s perfect for walking and exercising with - very light and unobtrusive.

The key to any mp3 player is having a reliable computer at home. All mp3 players use the computer as ‘home base’ and any music or audio books must be uploaded onto the computer (either from the internet through an online store like iTunes or by burning any old cds you already have onto your computer) and then transfered from your computer to your mp3 player.

I am biased and love my Apple brand iPod. Like I said, if you’re primarily using it for exercise and want something simple, the iPod shuffle is terrific. The new 2GB shuffle costs $69 and the 1GB shuffle costs $49, but i’m sure you can find them used online if you wanted. They also have other models of iPods that have screens on them if you want to upload and watch videos and models that hold a lot more music.

I don’t know much about other brand’s mp3 players, but if you wanted to check them out I would suggest going to someplace like Best Buy and ask the workers there about them.

I got an iPod for my birthday last year. They rock! :slight_smile:

A few years ago I asked my daughter “What’s a raspberry and do I need one”? She burst out laughing. Well I meant to say a blackberry. I’m still not sure what they are …but I guess I don’t need one. lol We still laugh about it.

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That is cute. I know what a Blackberry is, but it reminds me to much of a work tool.
All the tips I got on the Ipod, tell me that is what I need, I just need to make sure I get the right one, not too small or too big for my use.

I recently told my dh that want an ipod too. I have so many wonderful songs that I want “with me”.

I have an older nano. I really love it, but wish I would have gotten one with more GB. I got mine when we bought DS a new computer (it was free with a rebate) Anyway, I’m going to buy a new one soon. I would like to be able to put all of my music and some pictures on it. Its one of the best inventions ever.

iPods =) Dh got me the 16gb touch. Love it it saved us for utter boredom on the plane as we sat TVs were down so we were able to watch a movie on it.

Well, we are now the proud owners of two Ipods! I wanted one, and after learning about them thru you guys and the Apple sit, my dh wanted one too!
Can’t wait until they get here.
Celine, I have some songs I will put on it for sure, Patsy Cline oldies, I know I am a country pumkin, can’t help it. LOL

Yay, I’m so happy for you! :cheering: