What is "all in next st"

:rollseyes: Ok, so I am trying to teach myself to knit…and I was told this website is a GREAT resource. I am trying to learn the Berry
Stitch and the directions say K1 [K, K tbl, K] All in next st,…what does “all in next stitch” mean? I am sorry that I am not very proficient at the search mechanism yet!


You’re making an increase by working three stitches into one.

Knit into the front of the stitch as you normally would, but don’t slide it off.
Then knit into the back loop of that same stitch without sliding it off.
Again knit into the front loop and slide the whole thing off. You’ll have 3 stitches where you had one.

go here and scroll down and look for the video on K1 F&B. it will show you how to do it (though you will have to do another knit 1 in that stitch since it only does the first two parts) and basically you are just knitting 3 stitches into the next stitch. it isn’t hard to do but you need to make sure you stay loose in knitting those stitches because if you are doing a lot of those they get very tight. you are doing an increase. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the quick replies…Back to the knitting! I’ll let you know if I am successful.