What is a WST ?

Hi from NZ :grinning:
First time poster and beginner knitter here .
I just purchased a pattern and it calls for W&T (which I understand ) and also WST but I can’t seem to find anything on what a WST is ? The pattern maker refers to it as a wrap, slip and turn and insight would be greatly appreciated TIA!

Hi, welcome to KH.:smiley:
I can’t help with your problem sorry, new instruction for me also. Have you checked through the pattern’s abbreviations, you would expect something unusual to have a full description!!
Hopefully, someone else here will know and be able to answer or maybe contact the pattern designer for an answer. Wishing you luck, Linda

Welcome to the forum!
I suspect this is an abbreviation particular to this pattern. The designer may feel that it’s a fuller explanation of the process of wrap and turn.
Does the pattern recommend a method for W&T? Can you give us the name of the pattern please?
I can’t get the screenshot to open.