What is a super stretchy cast on?

Hello all, I’m looking for a really stretchy cast on. I’ve heard of a ribbed cast on…how is this done, and can it be used for any st pattern? I saw a video (maybe on this forum) with a very stretchy bind-off involving alternating k & p and yarn-overs with each one. (It was named after a woman who invented it but I forget her name.) Is there a way to do this as a cast on, maybe? Thanks much.:wink:

The BO you’re describing is Jeny’s super stretchy BO and there’s a video on Youtube and instructions at knitty.com. She also has a super stretch cast on that’s like it in that there’s a YO between sts. Search youtube for it.

I just bookmarked it yesterday so here you go! I haven’t tried it yet.

Ok, great, thank you both. :wink:

I use Tillybuddy’s stretchy cast on. She has it on You Tube, just search for Tillybuddy on the You Tube website.

I use the German Twisted Cast on. There’s a video of it in KH’s tutorials for casting on. This is useful for hats, mitten cuffs, and socks. I learned my lesson after making a pair of mittens for a child. They were beautiful, but the cuff wouldn’t stretch far enough to allow the child to get them on, with a regular long tail cast on.


I’ve also use the German Twisted for socks and openings that need to stretch a bit, but I’d forgotten about it since I hadn’t made socks in a while. :thumbsup:

This is why I like checking the tutorials every so often. They update them with the newest techniques. Even when you think you know everything there is about knitting, there’s always something new to learn that can enhance your knitting, speed it up, or make it easier. I love the shortcuts and tips I learn from other knitters. We old dogs learn new tricks from the young pups from time to time.