What Is A Setup Row?

I’m confused regarding “setup” row. Let’s say I’m making a simple dish cloth. I’ve cast on my stitches and now do the setup up row (which would be the RS) - I assume I am reading the chart from left to right, as ‘setup row’ is written on the left. When I complete that row, I will begin row 1 - however I will be on the WS. Or, does a setup row not have a WS/RS? There are no printed instructions, just a chart. The pattern is called “Tight Lattice Stitch” from a book called ‘Cable Left, Cable Right’. How-to’s in the book do not cover this topic, lol!

Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me.

A set up row can be either RS or WS depending on the pattern. If the pattern has a cable row, that’s definitely on the RS row so you can work backwards from that row to determine whether the set up row is RS or WS. If it’s RS read the chart right to left. If it’s a WS row, read the chart left to right.

Thank you so much, Salmonmac!

This stitch actually looks like “Woven Cable Stitch” by New Stitch A Day on Youtube. So, if I’m understanding you correctly, because this is a cable stitch, then my setup row is read from left-to-right (WS) so that row 1 begins on RS, as that is the first row with a cable stitch (2/2R).

Is this correct?

Yes, if the first cable cross row is row 1 then that’s a RS row. That makes the row before row 1 a WS row which would be read left to right.
Here’s written directions from New Stitch A Day.