What is a seed stich? how can I learn it?

I cant figure out how to make a seed stich. What is it? Does nayone knows of a site that teaches it? Please help Jibara

Seed Stitch is a stitch pattern made up of knits and purls.Hereis a website with a description.

Amy has a video of it here…


ooh i can help on this one, i love moss stitch or seed stitch.
It is basically ribbing of 1knit and 1 pearl but on an odd number of stitches.
if your knitting in the round then fine, if your knitting on straight needles then you must always start with a knit stitch (or a pearl if you prefer)


Basically it’s k1,p1 and in the next row or round you knit the stitch you had knit and purl the stitch you had purled. Each succeeding row or round you do the same. If you look up a column of stitches you will see k1, p1. If you cast on 10 stitches, row 1 will be k1,p1, row 2 will be p1,k1.

Hiya Jibara,
Do you know how to do a 1x1 ribbing (k1, p1)? And how you are supposed to k the k’s an p the purls as the piece faces you?
Now with seed stitch you do the opposite, it’s still k1,p1 but now you k the p’s and p the k’s. And you have seed stitch. And this is AS the stitches are facing you. Don’t worry bout what you did on the last row, that’s ancient history.


Great reply, fibrenut. What you said -

Don’t worry bout what you did on the last row, that’s ancient history.

is spot on!

Jibara, just look at the knitted fabric facing you when you are ready to start a new row, then knit the purls and purl the knits. Get to know what those stitches look like - if you’re not already sure - and you never have to think about what you did on the previous row and how many stitches there are in the row. That’s all unnecessarily complicated!

This is great advise. Thanks a lot