What is a good yarn for knitted toys

I know, I know. Why not use the yarn the pattern suggests? Because, I’m poor, for one thing, and because I have a unique (for me) chance to spend some money on my knitting and I want to add to my long-term supply. I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy more. I don’t have much of a knitting ‘allowance’ (my husband would give me more if I asked, but I don’t like asking, frankly), and so, like I said, I want to take advantage of this. I have recently discovered the joys of knitting toys, and I’d like to stack up on some good yarn for that purpose. The weight needs to be worsted or dk, but, other then that, I just need something soft (no one wants a rough toy) and something that will stand up to gentle play. Any thoughts? I know this is a little odd, but I would really appriecate the help!

Have you tried Caron Simply Soft? It’s a very soft acrylic (so it’s machine washable), and it comes in a lot of colors. It’s not very expensive. Joann’s website has it on sale right now for $2.79 for a 315 yard skein, and it’s normally $3.49 there. I think you could find it for a comparable price at other craft stores, such as Michaels. (I don’t know about Hobby Lobby because there aren’t any in my area, but I am guessing they carry it too.)

I’ll 2nd Caron simply Soft. I’ve used it for a lot of baby items, it’d be great for toys.

Also maybe whatever brand cotton you can get locally, Sugar & Cream, Peaches/Cream or similar. Washes easily. Colors might fade, though.

I forgot last night–I was going to add to my post–I almost [I]never[/I] use the yarn called for in a pattern. In fact, I think I can recall exactly one time where I did so, and that was because I was able to get the yarn at a steep discount. People substitute yarn all the time. So that’s not an unreasonable thing to do at all. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, actually, I have some Simply Soft, and I’ve made my newest little bear out of it…I like it, and I’ll probably keep using it unless I can find something that doesn’t spilt so often. That’s my only issue with Simply Soft. Thanks for the reply!

Patons Astra is considered sport weight, but it seems that is pretty close to DK. It is rated at 24 stitches=4 inches. It has 133 yard on a skein. It is not as soft as Caron’s Simply Soft, but it comes in a lot of colors (over 50)which may be a plus for making toys.

Patons also has a worsted called Canadiana that comes in 65 colors. It is 18 sts=4 inches and has 214 yards on a skein.

Jo-Ann online store has both of these yarns and also Caron Simply Soft. They are all on sale for 30%off right now (through Friday). I notice the Simply Soft comes in a lot of colors if you go to different grouping they have of it, like heather, bright etc. Jo-Ann carries all the colors of the Astra and Canadiana, I didn’t check about the Caron.